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What can you do for free in Chicago?

Asked by QuizMaster (78points) November 20th, 2007
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You can walk about Millenium Park or you can visit the Art Institute of Chicago” Free on Thursday Evenings from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM. These are a couple of good things to do for free within walking distance of each other. Or visit the Lincoln Park Zoo one the nations oldest free admission zoo’s, but parking is not free.

Good Luck

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this friday there is a free store to coincide with the day after thanksgiving shopping blitz – there’s clothes, books, electronics, etc, you show up and take what you want and leave. here’s the address and phone number:

Ausgang Studios
1958 W. Walnut 312–829-6967

other good free things that i used to do in chicago… if you go to the downtown library, on the 8th floor they have piano rooms that you can check into and use for an hour for free. i also liked to hang out at the cemetaries along clark between grace and ainslee… quiet and relaxing for reading/journal writing etc… or you could just go to the lake. though i bet it’s pretty cold these days.

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I guess it’s not completely free, but you can still enjoy the Maxwell Street Market without buying anything on Sundays, corner of Roosevelt and Canal. Great cheap mexican food there too.

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Bike rides by the lake are always nice (not quite so much in this dreary weather though)

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Navy Pier was one of the highlights of Chicago. Along there, inside theres water spouts shooting dramatically in the air. (i hope they still have it there) at the tip of Navy Pier, in a tall white condo like building, my cousin mentioned that Oprah Winfrey lives there on one of the floors.

Stroll along Madison. (or is it Michigan). One of the restaurants is the birthplace of original Unos pizza.

Chicago is one of my favorite American’s cities.

Have fun!

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Go admire Wrigley Field, then proceed directly across the street to the Cubby Bear and have yourself a beer.

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