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@halliburton Shell I give up, why did you?

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“i hope you’re happy, but honestly I don’t.”


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LOL. I know I tried to stab my siblings after watching happy tree friends.

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When the tree huggers have chained themselves to trees in lumber farms!

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Those guys are scary, dude.

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I guess some people seem to think “cartoon” means “for children” and also that not watching a show they either don’t like or don’t approve of is not an option. Maybe Flippy is forcing them to watch at knifepoint?

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@Blondesjon Hey, it is really you? MEOW of joy : – )

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Obviously, these folks believe that all cartoons, including Adult Swim, are for children.

OTOH, Barney the big purple dinosaur got hate mail, too.

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Doofuses ruin everything. D:<

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hate mail crosses the boundaries that society puts into place… in a way, hate mail is the great equalizer. everyone, everything can get hated on by SOMEONE.

yep. eff the haters, though, fo realz.

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@blondesjon meow meow meow meow meow, hiss

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@mangeons @Blondesjon Oooops, sorry, wrong meow. disregard.

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@Darwin – Didn’t Spongebob get assaulted by some hate group for being an associate of jelly fish?

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@Halliburton_Shill – I don’t know, but if he wasn’t assaulted by someone I will see that it happens. I find that show an assault on my senses (which is probably why my son adores it so).

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An excess of time and righteous indignation?

It just doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. I mean it’s on the internet, there’s tons of stuff like that on the internet. If it were playing on primetime then it would probably be a different matter.

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