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Do you have any questions here on fluther that you wish you hadn't answered?

Asked by wundayatta (58693points) April 1st, 2009

What were they about and why do you wish you hadn’t answered them?

I wish I hadn’t answered We asked about positive, now, what are some traits about you that you view as negative?

Every time I see there’s another answer, I dread going to look at it, because it reminds me of what I wrote, and how writing that made me feel. I know I should stay away from these questions, but I don’t quite have that knack, yet.

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Nope. But, I have a few that I wish that I wouldn’t have asked.

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I have answered many that I regret. I can’t tell you which ones, because I would really like to forget about them.

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Yes- there are a couple where my answers could be mis-read. I would have liked to have eliminated them or changed them to be clearer.

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But isn’t posting THIS question drawing ATTENTION to the question you answered you say you wish nobody saw?

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Yeah, actually, scratch that, same as @Dog. I’ve misread a couple questions. I don’t regret answering them per say, just felt like a dumbass afterward.

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Absolutely NOT. I have answered every question correctly or completely and I have no reason for regret, none, what-so-ever! and I mean it

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No fucking way you Retard. now I do

sue really loves daloon

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@Mr_M: I’m not saying I wish nobody saw the answer. I’m saying I wish I had never written it, because writing it did me harm (not other people).

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@daloon You could always stop following the question.

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No. it’s the internets

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@miasmom: I am always happy when I am successful at doing that. It’s those times when I don’t that kill me.

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I’m sorry I answered some questions because I was in the WRONG frame of mind. And there are some questions I’m sorry I asked because, well, because they were stupid questions. Where’s a moderator when you really need one?

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No doubt but I just stop following them. We think too much of these things most of the time. Here’s a good quote,
“People that judge don’t matter and people that matter don’t judge”.

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Is it at least a bit cathartic?
Uncomfortable, but therapeutically confrontational
about all the thoughts that roll around in your head?
Instead of letting it quietly slither about?

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@Nimisquiet slithering can be quite sssooothing to the cerebral cortex as well

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“Why is your penis so small”

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There have been a couple where I went out on a limb (bowel movements and masturbation anyone), but all in all I don’t think I am sorry I have answered any questions.

Actually, I wish I was brave enough to answer some of the meatier questions, but somehow my nerve fails me.

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@Blondesjon Soothing like the warmth before you freeze to death. Ahem.

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@NimisAt least we are afforded that pleasure.

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I agree, daloon. Just hit ‘stop following’.

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Do you think we could persuade Andrew to delete an answer if we slip him a $20?
I’m thinking that could help pay for his new server.

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I like how no one else is posting links. So here we go! I don’t like this answer because it was from when I was newer and I don’t really think it reflects me. It really seems forced. I actually completely forgot about it until someone else posted on it a couple days ago.

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I don’t think there are any that I regret having answered, but I think there are a few that I wish I had answered differently. There’ve been many that I have passed over precisely because answering them would feel like overexposure to me.

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