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what is the white stuff on the brie cheese?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) November 29th, 2006
i think it's just delicious cheesey mold, but someone told me it's wax.
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I was always under the impression that it's wx
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it's a mold put on the cheese to protect it
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is it put on the cheese or does it just grow on the cheese?
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btw, i think it is delicious.
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I believe it's a mold that grows naturally on the cheese. The cheese making process goes like this, roughly: you mix some milk at a hot-tub like temperature, throw in some enzymes taken from calves' stomachs, and mix the cheese until it separates into curds and whey. Drain out the whey, and put the curds into some kind of pressured container for a couple of months. Depending how long you put it away for and what kind of enzymes you use, you get different kinds of mold, which transform it into cheese. All cheese ends up with a layer of mold on the outside from this process. With some cheese you cut it off before you serve it. My impression was (and I've never actually seen brie made, so I'm not entirely sure) that with brie you leave it on. And it's fine to eat it.
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That is absolutely disgusting. I always HATED that stuff on the brie and I secretly scoop out the cheese from the icky outside...but now that I know that it is definitely mold...I think I will never eat brie again. Gross.
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It is called Bloom. Edible rind on the cheese that is byproduct of bacteria. Good shtuff!
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Just curious if vered4 eats blue cheese? (The blue part is all mold, of course.)

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