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What's the best April Fools joke that you've played/has been played on you?

Asked by kenmc (11773points) April 1st, 2009

I had one tonight… At least I hope it was. Otherwise my life is fucked.

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My son was born on April 11 rather than Spring Break. I had to take “incomplete” in all my classes.

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What happened, boots?

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@Yarnlady That’s a great one! Very incidental.

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Today, my friend texted me in a panic to tell me that his recently ex-girlfriend was pregnant. Turns out he was just messing with me.

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That seems to be a popular one.

I would totally pull that on my recent ex-boyfriend, but it…wouldn’t be possible…if you know what I mean.

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@KatawaGrey That’s hilariously awful.

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@boots: He scared the hell out of me especially because he’s been unhappy for so long and they broke up within the past month. he didn’t take it very far though. When I texted him back going “Are you sure the baby’s yours?” he texted me saying “haha, april fool!” If he had taken it farther, it wouldn’t have been funny.

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Well for today, it’s Fluther’s mods and their sly and funny little changes.
You guys had me for a moment or two. Very funny. ;o)

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@chicadelplaya I enjoyed today’s little thing. It was a nice change of pace.

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Still not sure If it’s fake. But George Lucas said he was making more Star Wars movies called the Legacy Trilogy. I hope it’s not fake. Probably is.

A glimpse of hope might be shattered.

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@willbrawn I hope it is a prank. After seeing the 3 new ones, I think it’s time to retire the Star Wars series.

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@boots rumor is he is getting away fro the kid stuff and making them darker. That is a reason I think they might be fake. I could hope though.

Then again. Lucas is a moron.

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I didn’t get any pranks played on me. But my moms friend told her that her son, around 8, had just come out of the shower and was naked. So she stood in the living room, standing right in front of the glass door, and called him, so he walked into the hallway just at the edge of the room. When she called him again, he walked over, standing in front of the door, stark naked.
That’s when she said, “Wave to Tyler.” (his friend) and pointed at the door.

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When I was about 6 I was taking a bath and playing with those bath pearl things and popping them. When my dad came in to check on me I thought it would be hilarious to trick him that I was bleeding horribly, since the bath pearls were dying the bathwater red. He came in and started freaking out. I didn’t even remember it was April Fool’s Day and just before he got too worried I yelled, “April Fools!”

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Yesterday, on the radio over here there was the news that the German chancellor Angela Merkel was pregnant.

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Nothing major this year, but I did plan a fun dinner for April Fools. I told the kids that we’d be having dessert for dinner and dinner for dessert. The first course was “cake.” The cake consisted of meatloaf baked in two round pans, “frosted” with mashed potatoes, and decorated with grape tomatoes. My oldest two weren’t really fooled, and the youngest was mad because he loves cake but hates meatloaf! The “dinner” we had for dessert was mashed potatoes with gravy (vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce).

This is a picture of a much fancier meatloaf cake. Mine didn’t look nearly this good! It did taste good, at least!

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In one of my classes I got tricked by a group member. She told me that she didn’t get any of the stuff I emailed her and the project wasn’t done…it was due on that day. I was panicing…

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This wasn’t played on me but it was awesome. I was listening to sports radio last night and the host announced that Jay Cutler had been traded to Tampa Bay, he had all the details and he even had a reporter call it in and everything. Tampa fans were calling in and they were all excited, then about 20 minutes into it he announced it was fake and people got really mad. It was hilarious.

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You didn’t tell them what yours was…hehe

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@jeanna I did the ones that asked.

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Not in this question…you must have left them a comment…

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He told me jeanna, and that was very evil of you…just what I would expect ;)

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@J0E hehehehe :D

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hmm…let’s see….OH my mom told us we were moving, and i cried the whole day. this happened about…oh four years ago?

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