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What ever happened to your ex?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) April 1st, 2009

i found out today that mine got arrested for home invasion/ robbery.

ha! what ever happened to that loser you dumped?

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she got married and has a kid. Another is gettting married in a few months.

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Hey, is your ex related to my ex? About 7 months after we separated, he approached me and told me he would not be paying child support anytime soon, like there was something new in that piece of information! When he explained why, it was because he was being investigated for stealing a car. Two days later, he was arrested.

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nah, mine robbed some dude for his oxy cotton and his money.
he didnt do drugs when i was with him in high school

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I didn’t dump anyone. I’m always the one who gets dumped. As for my ex? She’s upstairs in the apartment and I’m sitting in my car Fluthering.

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Now that I think about it, I have absolutely no idea what happened to my ex.

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@loserGood gravy, man! In your car? Please tell me it’s at least comfortable.

@A Beaverhausen – I gotta say I was shocked when my ex told me what was going on. He was a jerk to us (me and my daughter) – but grand theft? Never saw it coming.

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wanna see his mug shot? HAHA!

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My ex-husband moved to the DFW area and is still a firefighter. Sadly, he is a very unexciting person.

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I haven’t had an ex for 18+ years. I have no idea.

Good god I’m getting old!

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@A_Beaverhausen – you have his mug shot? I had enough pictures of my ex – didn’t need another!

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haha yea! i looked that shit up!

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@a_beaverhausen can’t see the link. Gonna guess no LOL

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dane cook in “good luck chuck”

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Right after we broke up he got beat up for sleeping next to some other guy’s girlfriend. Came to school with a black eye. That was pretty funny.

Another one got a girl pregnant. She got an abortion, though.

Another drove cross-country. He also got beat up.

And the other…well…

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@loser I so lurved you in this thread too.

As for my ex’s, well one is at my house watching our children while I work. The others? Who knows.

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She is a Mormon and her goal is to be a stay at home mom. Stereotypical… nooooo.

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One is now dating an acquaintance of mine, we’re myspace/facebook friends, I’m not sure what he does for a living. We’re on great terms.

One still thinks he’s going to be a famous musician..he was so intelligent, and should have gotten an ivy league education :( We don’t talk.

I ran into a different one, at a flea market. He got fat. He was also in a serious car accident that left his left arm mutilated and paralyzed.

One joined the military at some point..I think he’s in Cali now. He was my first kiss. I’ve known him since kindergarten. Good guy.

One is dating a girl younger than me, so 5 or 6 years younger than him. He travels and rock climbs, and works for his father. I’ve always been his go-to girl, but as soon as I got married, he stopped using me as a go-to gal…my husband knew that it seemed the guy felt i was “the one that got away”. He and I are on great terms, and talk occasionally.

One is probably off drinking his life away, convincing himself he’s happy, out of spite. Not doing what he loves. Wishing he was somewhere else. Speculation, of course ;)

note:the first four are from high school, one of which lasted two years, the musician one

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@cak It’s very comfortable! I have a Mitsubishi Lancer OZ and I feel comfy and cool at the same time.
Even though I know darn well that it’s just a show car with no power and I don’t know where to install a fridge!

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No idea about any of them. Which is just the way i like it

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@loser my bf drives a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR. :) i like it

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Damn. Everything was going great today and you had to go and mess it up by mentioning her.

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I know, right?

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My ex moved to Melbourne 29 years ago and the Internet shows he is still there.

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@loseryou know, they do have those little ones that plug into the cigarette lighter thingymajig. Or, you could resort to a cooler!

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oxy cotton?

those acne pads?

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1. Finishing up his PhD in chemistry at a very nice university.
2. Teaching GMATs in Indonesia and, as of this morning, has five girlfriends.
3. Keeps putting off finishing law school to stay in the army and support his wife and two daughters. Currently stationed in Iraq.
4. No clue. Will never speak to me again. Possibly a homosexual cocaine addict.
5. Turned into an asshole who lies and uses people. Got laid off recently and has no job, ambition, or nikipedia.

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oxycontin. that drug old guys are into.

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Becoming an alcoholic, verbally-abusive, paranoid bi-polar manic-depressive. Just like his grandfather.

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He moved back to San Francisco (the best place in world) and still thinks if he can make enough money that I’ll go back to him. Nope.

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Got a MacArthur Genius Grant, married a social worker who
has a job (he doesn’t & never has); lives in Spain.

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1. After begging me to marry him and have kids (we were far too young); he ended up waiting 7 years to get married to a woman he now hates, and they never had kids. Very sad because he would have been a great Dad.

2. The other is a wildly successful entrepreneur, married with 2 kids, who constantly calls me and tell me “we were meant to be together”. The fact that I’m also married with 2 kids doesn’t seem to phase him; which makes me feel better about my decision to leave him many years ago!

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One is an engineer and we stay in touch through facebook. He’s married and happy.
One is a pharmaceutical salesman, is married and has two gorgeous teenagers. We never talk.
One is an attorney in a nearby town. We never talk. He’s on his third marriage.

30 years later, only the first one still matters.

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One decided he really wasn’t gay and went into the family business. He’s 35 now and can’t find a woman that he likes enough to marry. (Duh.)

One moved to New Jersey, and I haven’t spoken to him in years.

One is now living in his parents’ basement.

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One of my ex-boyfriends is working on a tugboat, while another has a sweet job with the UN. Another is a divorced father who named his daughter the name we had jokingly chosen for our own future chiled.

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@juniper that’s not very nice, now it’s tainted!

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I have left no exes. Both of my previous husbands are dead. Dead men tell no tales. Exes are such a BOTHER…

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@VS: y’know, it probably prevents so much drama if they’re dead….

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well my ex is living behind home depot (really he is) and is repeatedly begging me to take him back…he tells me that he’ll leave his life of drugs, cheating and violence behind.
my mother and i are going tomorrow morning to get the restraining order.

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We lost contact for a few months. Next thing I know she contacts me online – we talk -then I find out she married someone else. Now she feels bad for not letting me know and still wants to communicate with me. How would you feel about that?

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