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Would you die for your beliefs? Under what circumstances?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) April 1st, 2009

When I see people say they would die for their beliefs, I can’t just assume that they truly would. No one really knows for certain what they would do unless faced with the situation.

But what do you think you would do or should do?

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yes, under any circumstances that required it.

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Most def I would. It reminds me of the girl named Cassie.

Cassie was the girl at columbine high school who whn asked if she believed in God said yes. Then the gunman pulls the trigger.

I’m not saying it would happen like that. But I would do the same.

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there are very few things i would die for.

freedom, family, or the truth are the only things i can think of off hand.

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Depends on the mood I’m in and which personality is in control at that moment.

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It depends on the belief.

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No. My most sacredly held belief is that I should do my best to stay alive.

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I would for my Christian beliefs, but not for my belief that chocolate Haagen-Dazs is the best ever :)

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Yes, there are a certain, select few.

I was going to say it depends on the situation, but it really doesn’t…it’s a yes or no question. You believe in them enough to die or you don’t—regardless.

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I believe that chocolate and peanut butter go together. I would die for that.

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I would die to protect an innocent.

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^^same here^^

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I don’t think I would die for a belief. I might die to save the life of another, but I’ve never been tested on that one. I’d like to think I would be brave enough to risk my life to try to save another life but I don’t know.

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That basically sums up how I feel.

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I can talk, but I’ve lived a pretty sheltered life, so when it came down to it, who fucking knows.

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No. In a billion years, our beliefs won’t mean anything, and our one act of sacrifice will be forgotten. But we will never get another change to live. It’s not worth it.

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Only for the belief that I should go on living

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This is another possible way I feel about it…lol

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I’m confused. It sounds like you either need a hug or are full of a passion for life.

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@upholstry you’re an oxy moron!

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right? so it can be read two ways

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I would die if it would save one of my sisters kids. Maybe her too. That is about it.

I would probably run into a burning building to try and save someone if I thought I could make it out. But I wouldn’t if I knew I was going to die, even if I knew I could save the person in the building.

I think religion and nationalism are stupid. I wouldn’t die for “the dude in the sky” or the country my parents decided to fuck in.

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I’ll be in Heaven for eternity, so speak for yourself. I want to come back as a butterfly, so that will probably happen too.

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My initial response was yes.
But if I think about it, what does dying for your beliefs mean?
Is someone is holding a gun to my head and asks me which religion is the best?

I have no problem saying whichever one they want to hear from me.
That doesn’t really affect what I truly believe in.

But if they can actually affect what I believe in (ie through brain washing)
or if they will break down a system where my beliefs can exist, then yes.

Holocaust, yes.
Columbine, no.

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No, sorry. Sense of self-preservation is much stronger than my convictions.

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I don’t really understand in what situation I would have to die for my beliefs. What does it mean? I see news about people killing others out of race issues, ethnic antagonism, political violence and hate. I would surely risk my life for many things, but “I would die” for this and that, sounds more like a thing you would say to emphasize that you care very much about something.

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I would die for fluther.

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@johnpowell: LOLFR.

Your last paragraph should be on a T-Shirt. :^)

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My kids. Otherwise, life is more important than anything else. Live to fight another day.

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I’d fight to live so I could get the SOBs who forced the unpalatable choice upon me.
I would not give them the choice.

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sounds more like a thing you would say to emphasize that you care very much about something.
Umm ya….

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Nope I am too self centered and self preservation is my top priority.

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