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When is a tramp stamp not a tramp stamp?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) April 2nd, 2009

I feel like anything you tattoo onto your lower back gets deemed a ‘tramp stamp’. Do you feel like it’s any tattoo in that area or just specific types of tattoos in that area?

For example, my friend Becca has two huge guns tattooed on her lower back. They look more hardcore than slutty. Would they still be considered a tramp stamp?

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To me it’s the ones that look like “targets”.

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Anything in that area, to me, is a tramp stamp.

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I classify tramp stamp as anything over the ass crack, especially if it’s your only tattoo. Even if you have a few other ones, but that is the largest, it is a tramp stamp. If I see a girl that is covered in tattoos and has a tramp stamp also, I can guess there is a 99% chance it was her first tattoo. It’s like the training wheels of tattoos. There are varying degrees to consider. A tribal V shape usually containing a butterfly, dolphin, tinkerbell, or some other cutesy thing is (in my mind) the worst offender. A vine design and flowers isn’t quite as bad, but still…
Now I must say that if the person likes their tattoo, that’s all that matters. They shouldn’t care whether I like it or not. I’m not saying they are bad people or anything, I just don’t personally like their tattoo.

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Yes tramp stamp.

If it’s a lower back Tatt in general

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I define a tramp stamp as being the overt displaying of a tattoo in that area, not necessarily the tattoo itself. If one has a tattoo there and chooses to wear very low riding pants / high riding shirt, then yes it’s a tramp stamp. If it’s covered up, I would consider it a regular tattoo.

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Anything in that area is a tramp stamp if you ask me. Way too porny.

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@PupnTaco I agree. A tattoo in that area is just screaming ‘look at me’. The picture itself isn’t the issue. It’s the location. You get a tattoo there in hopes that people will look & ogle. And, as stated above, you have to wear clothes indicative of allowing that area to BE seen. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

If I ever spent the time, money & pain on a tattoo, it’d be in a place that I could see it & enjoy it. And just above the crack of my butt is NOT it!

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I don’t think it matters to be honest.
a tattoo is a tattoo, who cares!

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i prefer the terms ”jersey plates” and/or ”ass antlers”.

two huge guns would be pretty badass, but at the same time, have the appearance of ass antlers.


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@eponymoushipster you’re really a baaad boy LOLLLL

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Are these guns directy over the crack crossed and pointing down? That would make me think “shit bullets”. If they are side by side pointing out towards her hips? I’m just curious… Actually this is a really common tattoo, and also guns on the hips holster style.
I would have to say it’s a less offending tramp stamp on my scale, so that’s not so bad.
As long as she’s happy with it that’s the important part. I kind of need to see it before I can give my opinion.

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@jbfletcherfan A tattoo in that area is just screaming ‘look at me’

All tats do that, especially the badly done ones- those scream “loser”

And, as stated above, you have to wear clothes indicative of allowing that area to BE seen

Which is why it’s the prefect place for them as they are easy to cover up…Girl clothing exposes more skin than men’s clothing, sleeveless blouses/shells, open backs, open fronts, skirts, etc. What’s acceptable in the clubs and beaches may not be appropriate in business or formal affairs.

Tacky, tacky, tacky
Don’t like it? Stick with the church-going mummy crowd….whom I refer to as no-talent braindead losers.

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@HarmonyAlexandria Whoa there! You don’t have to get shitty with me. If you don’t agree with what I said, you can say so a little nicer & go on. There’s also no need to bash a church goer. That has nothing to do with the issue.

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Any tattoo above the ass crack is a tramp stamp.

They’re extremely cliche.

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Is it still a “tramp stamp” if its the names and faces of a girls two children?? I know a girl like that. Personally, and I’m not intentionally trying to be nasty here, but I wouldn’t want to look down at that, you know…uh…

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@harmonyalexandria I agree with you when you say that any tattoo is screaming ‘look at me’, because it is the truth. & usually when people get tattoos they do want them to be seen, i mean it is art. & girl’s clothing is more exposing than men’s clothing.

However, @jbflectcherfan I do agree the church goer comment was alittle too much, & i do take offense to it.

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@Horus515 that sounds like a wonderful tattoo concept with the worst possible placement. Why in the world would anyone want their kids there?
@HarmonyAlexandria So you are assuming that people who go to church don’t have tattoos? You are seriously mistaken.

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Just to make myself clear, I’m NOT against all tattooes. My granddaughter has a yellow rose on her lower leg to honor her boyfriend who was killed in a car crash, & its beautiful.

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Tacky and trampy.

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I actually think it’s very sexy to have art on that area of the body, around the hips and just at the lower back. But I agree that random tribal stuff and hearts and butterflies just scream “I followed a stupid trend” to me. I have 8 tattoos, but none on my lower back. Eventually, I want a large tree on my back, and the roots will down in that area of my body, so I guess some will judge me for having the tramp stamp. Fuck ‘em.

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@tinyfaery it’s not a tramp stamp if it’s part of a back piece.

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It’s not a tramp stamp if it is a picture of her father with a sign that says, “Hands Off”

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It’s also not a “tramp stamp” if its something funny or ridiculous, like a picture of a barracuda eating Neil Armstrong.

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In another three decades or so, it will be called a gramp stamp.

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Over here we call them a slag tag. I’d say covered is fine..

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I would say it’s not a tramp stamp when it’s part of a larger piece of art such as a full back piece. I would say it’s definitely a tramp stamp if it’s the only tattoo you have and it’s full of stupid meaningless crap like tribal bands or asian symbols that you have no idea what they mean. I get my tattoos because I love them, with the exception of the back piece i’d like to have someday (purely because it’s the largest area of skin) I get them for me and I want to be able to see them, it has no redeeming value to me if I can’t see it and I can’t see my lower back.
I think “tramp stamps” are also based on the reason it’s there. “It’s cute and dainty and girly” or “that’s where all girls get them right?!” does not count as a viable reason to me. It shouts “I want people to look at my ass then tell me how cute I am”.

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@HarmonyAlexandria That was very rude and unflutherly.

To answer the question, I guess I’m just an old mum who thought a tattoo was a tattoo.

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@fireside I once saw heard about a young lady who’s father had “Daddy’s Little Girl” tattooed in the vicinity of her privates, supposedly to keep her pure for marriage

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@Yetanotheruser – well, at least he left out the picture of a shotgun

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When it’s a bitch badge.

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@aviona there is something in the ink i think.

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i think a tramp stamp will always be that, a tramp stamp, BUT you can redeem yourself if you get one that is burt reynold’s face from smokey adn the bandit or a school of sharks eating goldfish crackers or something that i actually want to look at, you skinny bitch. :) just kidding, about the skinny part. big girls have tramp stamps too. i wish more boys would get them, that would make me happy.

incidentally, my first tattoo was not a tramp stamp. i don’t have one. i have my forearm, my neck, and my shoulders. no tramp stamp. maybe i’ll get one of andy griffith, or joe strummer, or some other legend. yes!

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@elijahsuicide pretty much said what I was going to say. I have a tramp stamp and it was my first tattoo… when I was 20… back when tribal was the “cool” thing and I was more impressionable than I am now. (I have a ton more tattoos now) The only redeeming quality about my tramp stamp is that while it is tribal, the design is actually music notes intertwined because I play piano and love music. Tramp stamps are definitely the “training wheels” of tattoos, as @elijahsuicide put it. If that’s your only tattoo… I feel bad for you. But don’t feel sorry for me because I have one. I’m over it, LOL.

Which is worse: A tribal tramp stamp? Or a tribal arm band?

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I knew a woman with a 2 inch circular, yellow, bio-hazard tattoo back there. I wonder if anyone found that attractive.

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@essieness a tribal arm is the male equivalent of a tramp stamp. To me they’re a glaring neon sign that says “avoid me!”.

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@essieness At least you personalized yours! A lot of my friends have them for the same reasons as you (young, didn’t know better) but as they got older they realized they hated them. They just laugh about it now, because really what else can you do? It was part of growing up.
The only thing worse than a tribal arm band on a dude is an incomplete tribal arm band. You know, because it hurt so much on the inside of the arm they quit. Add the superman logo and is 100% suck.

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@elijahsuicide Haha! Total agreement.

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There is some serious judgment going on in this thread. You might, personally, not like someone’s tattoos, but what makes anybody think that they know why someone gets a tattoo, even one that might be “lame” to many people? So they wanted a tribal arm band, so what? Maybe it is meaningful to them. And why must every tattoo have some deep and profound meaning. I have petroglyph turtles on my foot as a souvenir from Maui. I don’t particularly like turtles, and I am in no way Hawaiian, but I love my little turtles, even though 90% of the time no one ever sees them. Jeesh. The new prejudice against tattoos is not that those with them are low lifes, criminals, and prostitutes, now it is based on other people’s tastes, judgments and opinions. I guess the stereotypes will never cease.

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@tinyfaery The difference is you went to Hawaii. The turtles symbolize something to you. But whatever that’s besides the point.
I said (twice actually) that as long as the person likes his or her tattoo that’s all that matters. I’m not stereotyping anyone. I’m saying I don’t like their tattoos. Some people don’t like my tattoos and that’s fine by me, Im not crying over it. There is a big difference between not liking a person’s tattoos and not liking a person because of their tattoos.

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@elijah “The only thing worse than a tribal arm band on a dude is an incomplete tribal arm band. You know, because it hurt so much on the inside of the arm they quit. Add the superman logo and is 100% suck.”

So, you would have no preconceived notions about a person who had these types of tattoos?

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@tinyfaery I dint judge whether or not they are a good or bad person. It shows they didn’t follow through on what they started, didn’t even care enough about the tattoo to finish it, and if they actually cared about tattoos as an art form they wouldn’t of picked something because they saw it on some guy at the gym. Yes I think that tattoo sucks. I never said the guy himself sucked at life. I think his taste in tattoos sucks.

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Thanks guys for all the responses. Unfortunately, my friend took the picture she had of her tattoo off fb, so I do not have a photo of it. However, it is a pair of guns crossed, they are about 14 inches tall, so it isn’t a small piece. She also has an amazing chest piece which you can see here

The reason I ask is that I am debating getting a tattoo on my lower back. I already have one on my shoulder, am getting one running up the sides of my back, and one on my side (the ribs, ouch). My back is the only canvas I have for my tattoos because I want to be able to cover them up for my job in the future.

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But how do you know he never planned to finish it? How do you know the tattoo was on “some guy at the gym”? I think these are judgments, but that’s just my opinion. You do not have to agree.

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@bezdomnaya your friend’s chest piece is very pretty!
@tinyfaery you’re right, I can’t know 100% what anyone’s thoughts or plans are. I can only go by what I know. A lot of my friends are tattoo artists, I have heard many stories about guys who come in all tough, and leave in tears because they couldn’t take the pain of the two inches inside the arm. In fact I’ve seen it happen.
It’s not good that I assume all the people have the same reason for not finishing. Maybe they just couldn’t afford that last 2 inches. Maybe they joined a tribe. I’m sorry if I’ve offended you.
I still think they look like shit.

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@elijahsuicide thank you, i’ll let her know. she doesn’t mince around with little tattoos. she goes all out. i go for the little ones cuz i’m a wimp.

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@adreamofautumn a tribal thing on the bicep of a guy is equal to too much hair gel, wearing a red baseball cap backwards, saying “bra” (or it’s mentally challenged cousin, “broseph”) and/or driving an Eclipse.

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@elijahsuicide You did not offend me. I just wanted to make a point. And for the record, my bicep piece goes all the way around my arm. I talked and laughed through the whole thing. But my ribs…ouch.

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If it’s floral, has butterflies / faeries, is tribal, in any way is something I would expect to find on a stripper or is constantly on display, it’s a tramp stamp.

Very, very few don’t fall into those categories for me.

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My opinion would be, it isn’t tramp stamp if it’s really small (like just an inch) or if is large enough to cover more than half of the width of the back or is otherwise incorporated into other tattoos on the back, hips or legs. My thinking there is that, tramps stamps float above the ass crack. If the tattoos surpass a certain size or fit into other tattoos, they don’t float anymore, they’re anchored.

That’s just how I see it.

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To anyone still following this thread. I made my friend upload a picture of her back piece. Here it is. Thanks for all your answers!

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@bez. Awesome!

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That will just get better with age. :)

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@bezdomnaya see now that…is not a tramp stamp. At least in my opinion. It is however, freakin’ great!

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i think it’s pretty stupid to judge someone’s sexual habits by the placement of their tattoo, if we’re being honest.

i think it depends greatly on what the tattoo is. most people who get their tattoo there get lame things, but that’s such a generalization. for example, the picture of the tattoo posted is certainly not a trampstamp.

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I hate how it’s okay to judge someone’s tattoo like that, I mean, based on its’ placement. If you think lower back tattoos are sexy or nice or whatever, then go and do it for yourself. If someone ever has the guts to come up to you and ask you about your “tramp stamp”, stamp your fist in their face…or just tell them off. :)

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