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Do you think hanging out with geekier people hinders my odds of attracting a partner?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) April 2nd, 2009

I’m a real dizzy at attracting the opposite sex, and I just want to know if some of my friends are keeping me behind.

I don’t want to do this but the mods are forcing me to. Example: Just generally attractive no girls and saying just cringingly embarrassing things.

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I’d say that you might want a partner that accepts you for who you are, geeky friends and all :)

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When you hand out with people who are geekier than you, it shouldn’t hinder your odds of attracting a partner. I can’t see why it would.

I don’t understand why it matters to you who you hand out with. You’re doing a good deed, I presume. Everyone can do good deeds. That should enhance your attractiveness, no matter who you do it with.

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Short answer: No!

Long answer: Definitely not. You’ll meet all sorts of people no matter who you hang out with. Although, it’s worthwhile to note that hanging with geeky crowds may raise the odds of you finding a geeky girlfriend. If, however, you hang out with your geeky friends and all they do is play Dungeons and Dragons at home, well obviously it’ll be harder to find a girlfriend, cause you’re not out with people.

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I am a geek. My husband is a geek. Most of my friends are geeks.

Hang out with geeks and you’ll be with people who are more intelligent, interesting and amusing than the rest of humanity. They also tend to have much better-paying jobs :>D

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I think the scene in the Breakfast Club when Brian asks Allison if she would be nice to his face and cut him up to her friends when he left, and she says “I don’t have any friends” and Brian says, “well, if you did”... and then Allison says, “I don’t think the kind of friends I’d have would mind.”

Yeah. You need those kinds of friends, not these kinds of questions.

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You need to find a geeky partner – if you are surrounded by geeky friends, that probably means those are the sorts of people you are comfortable with and so you should look for a partner among that group.

My parents were both geeks (my mom was the only girl in the School of Engineering and Midwest Slide Rule Champion; my dad wanted to name my brother after the computer he was working on in 1956) and they have been happily married for 59 years. They have also been financially successful.

Geeks Rule!

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A guys friends wouldn’t hinder me from dating him. Unless they were absolutely awful, but geeky isn’t bad. I think geeky is cute

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Well, if you’re female, you will definitely attract a mate. Male geeks generally don’t get female geeks hanging around them.

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It is really rather fun to be a geeky female. Six guys to every girl (or sometimes even more!) gives you a lot of choice.

Of course, it sort of sucks to be a geek boy with those odds.

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I still have the choice of girls I come in contact with, on the proviso she also fancies me of course.
Even with them odds Darwin I’m much cuter then most of them so it’s still tipped in my favour :D

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@Myndecho – So if you are so cute and the odds are tipped in your favor, why are you worried that your friends are holding you back?

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I wouldn’t take what I said too serious and I’m only asking.

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No, but being shallow will.

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