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How do you bike from Baltimore to Philadelphia?

Asked by brownlemur (4086points) November 20th, 2007

No highways allowed. I can’t seem to find any websites that give me this info.

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You could probably use Google Maps to plan out your route. Your biggest challenge finding a route and avoiding highways will be crossing the Susquehanna River. Unless you go about 25 miles out of the way through Holtwood, PA, you’re stuck with Route 1, Highway 40, I-95, or a long swim to cross the river.

However, if you are willing to spend a couple of days to make the trip, it could be an enjoyable ride on the back-roads of northern Maryland and Southern PA. It’s quite beautiful country. Just beware of a fair amount of backwards people, complete with an abundance of rebel flags flying from houses along the roads.

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Check out the bike coalition of greater Philly. Brandywine area is gorgeous. All the bicycle coalitions (Mass, LA, etc) are user-friendly and have good contacts.

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Biller’s Bikes in Havre de Grace, MD offers cycling group bridge crossing services over the Susquehanna River via the Hatem Bridge. The service currently operates March through November and generally requires a 48-hour advance reservation. Bridge service includes a host of trail comforts. See for information.

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