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Is there safe medication for ADD?

Asked by biggsie (2points) November 20th, 2007

Someone is taking prescribed medication,but
it is making the ADD worse

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My son suffers from ASD, there are many pros and cons for pharmaceutical solutions for ADD; Although I am not giving you medical advice (nor should any non-professional), I would suggest as a point of research looking into root causes of the condition, and a good starting point may be to check out one of the parent support resources for ASD. Here’s one that I have used to learn more about the ‘spectrum’:

Of course, the advice is not intended to supplant the recommendations of a medical professional, but as a concerned parent, it’s very informative. There are a lot of support groups online as well.

If the someone you are referring to is an adult, the same applies…good luck

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Both my children have ADD and early on I was against medication. This didn’t go too well with the school system which eventually steered us towards home-schooling (which was the best decision we made). Searching for alternative methods of helping the kids with their ADD we eventually came up with an effective product called ‘ATTEND’ manufactured by Vaxa International. We have been using it for nearly 2 1/2 years. Their web address is
Also, I must mention the fact that the individual you are speaking about should be thoroughly screened for Celiac disease and Gluten intolerance. It has been linked to add, adhd, autism. The above mentioned product works very well for my children however significant improvement in their concentration and behavior came from following a strict gluten-free diet.
Good Luck :-)

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