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Are there any latex condoms that are good for sensitive skin?

Asked by nikipedia (28049points) April 2nd, 2009

Say you have a friend with really sensitive skin who would prefer to continue using latex condoms. She doesn’t think she has a latex allergy because latex gloves aren’t an issue, but for whatever reason, condoms have been giving her some trouble.

Are there any brands of condoms that are less irritating to sensitive skin than others?

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Lifestyles are great. The Skyn ones are alright. I like Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive. (i know they say it as sensitive for feeling, but i feel they don’t bother me at all)
Durex don’t bother me either, but they smell lemony. I don’t like smelling like lemon scented pledge after sex, so we rarely use them.
just to add, i have really sensitive skin, and my lady bits are sensitive to new products..we use Lifestyles mainly.

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You can try Lifestyles Skyn—they’re actually non-latex and work quite well.

^^^ +5 casheroo

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Two things come to mind…

1) if the condoms are lubricated, that may be the problem, “some people’s” sensitive skins do not like spermicide for instance, warming lubricant has caused a rash, etc…
2) you might recommend trying non-latex condoms even if that’s not the suspected cause, if there’s a minor allergy or problem with irritation there are few places it’s more likely to show up… think hot sauce on your hand versus hot sauce in your eye…

I know neither directly answers the question, just ideas…

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@funkdaddy- good answer! That’s just about what I was going to say.

@nikipedia- Most of the condoms out there have some kind of water-based lube on them. There are all kind of ingredients in even an ordinary lube that might cause reactions. Glycerin is in most water-based lubes. It’s sugary, which can cause yeast infections. Spermicides and preservatives in lubes can also be irritants even to people with no allergies.

Your friend also might still be allergic to latex. Hands are a lot less sensitive than genitals, so maybe gloves are ok for her but condoms just aren’t. Durex Avanti and Trojan Supra are both latex-free condoms that they sell in most drugstores. Silicone-based lubes like Eros or Wet Platinum are hypoallergenic. They’re more expensive and usually sold in black bottles or with some kind of black and silver on the packaging.

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