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Any websites that will allow me to download free games to play offline?

Asked by sandystrachan (4412points) April 2nd, 2009

I have an uncle who wishes to play new games ( he is sick of solitaire) and wants to play other games offline. But i have to download them for him the must be FREE and do not require additional programs to open them other than an un- zipper.

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I do not know of any way to download games but, you can play plenty of flash games for free on websites like Kongregate.

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What I do is find a game online then just leave it up… You can find a lot of these online. so basically what happens is the game is uploaded and even if you get disconnected from the Internet you can continue playing… And it depends on what type of games they want too…

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Puzzle games , arcade games , scrolling games, retro games. I know of a few sites but there games are not that great .

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well you do have options available but the truth is you have to know if you want to venture into the world of gambling. There are stacks of sites that have free no download and no money play available. They could be fun.
I know of one –

Otherwise, you got stuff like miniclip, king and other such free game sites. It isn’t hard to find free games that you can download onto your desktop.

Hope this helped in some way.


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