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What does it mean when someone keeps old, useless things?

Asked by rosie2 (1points) April 2nd, 2009

Hoarding of old magazines, old used things that are broken. Or when it seems difficult to get rid of things that are no longer needed. And also buys lots more stuff than can be used. Is there a psychological term for this? Or is it just the way some people are?

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It can be a product of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
It can also be a way of filling an emotional void. Such as people who over eat.

Here is a website you may find interesting:
The Psychology of Clutter

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A committed marriage.

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I keep things like that. Sometimes it’s just to file them away, like the magazines, for future reference. I will admit that I have never needed or thought of a time when I would need to look something up in them.
Redpowerlady was right about OCD. Some people just need to keep things. For example, I knew a girl with OCD who had to organize her candy(ie, skittles) by color and eat the color with the largest amount first, then the 2nd largest, then the third, etc.
ODC can manifest itself many ways, and hoarding is just one way.

I suppose it’s just how some people are though.

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If I feel that the item can be used by another person, I have no issue with donating things.
Though I hate throwing things away. Especially if I’ve gotten some use or joy from them.

Totally sounds crazy, but it seems disloyal to me.
I know they’re just objects. But to simply use and discard seems…sad.

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