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Reddit users: do you know of a way to block a troll on there?

Asked by resmc (749points) April 2nd, 2009

Apparently the feminisms-reddit is stalked by one of those misogynist men’s rights activists. To be hesistant to post to there just in trepidation of having to deal with backwards assumptions about women (& especially feminist women) is something i’d love to live without. * sigh *

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Have you tried asking their support team? Or e-mailing them?

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@asmonet Not sure if they’d do anything. Am new to reddit, but considering there’s a whole men’s rights’ reddit, they may chalk it up to merely political differences.

It’s not really harass-y, more spewing old arguments & tactics of distracting from the issue at hand thus draining the energy of people silly enough – like me – to, unawares, take them seriously at first and thus bother to respond.

I’ve been pretty much not paying attention to screen names, even tho i suspected someone was posting nonsense in the feminist forum… so if involving a support person is the only option, i’d rather try to change my habits & see how that goes rather than risk the unpleasantness of being dismissed by them as too sensitive or something (common in cases similar to this, i’ve heard).

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Well, it is just the internet after all. I just found it a little odd that you came to an unrelated site to ask for help somewhere else?

Ignore him, if he acts up, contact the guys over at reddit.
Usually, trolls bore themselves after a while.

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@asmonet Well, i don’t know anyone on reddit, and didn’t find anything on the subject in the FAQs, so…

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So e-mail the team. There’s a contact us link on almost every website.

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