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How to regain a diminished social life?.

Asked by LKDemo (26points) April 2nd, 2009

I’m in the fourth quarter of my Junior year, and after having spent the majority of the year studying and trying to do well in school, I’ve come to realize that my neglected social life has all but vanished. The last time I actually went out and had fun with a friend was about a month and half ago, I have been to a total of two parties in the last year,and I rarely hang out with the people I enjoy speaking with at school. I’m in a sort of a flux as to what I should do in order to pick up the pieces, and I’m even starting to worry that I’ve forgotten how to have fun with friends. What would you do in this situation?

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I’d look for a ComedySportz or improv class to meet new people and give myself a chance to just play.

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Couldn’t tell you.

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Start calling people. Tell them just what you said here.

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Spend more time on Fluther. Then you could at least have an internet social life.

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When you are talking to the people you enjoy, ask them what they are doing this weekend. Join in.

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i’m in a similar flux but under different circumstances

I’d say just jump in the water. Your in school so there should be a ton of events for you to go to. And don’t be ashamed to ask for someones number from class (one of those people you enjoy talking to). Call them the next day and ask them to go play pool with you or some other cheap but entertaining event.

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Thanks guys =)

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Yes, Im with RedPowerLady. Just try to meet new people or hang out with the old ones.

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Burying yourself in work your junior year is really common, so you’ve probably missed less stuff going on than you think. Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Use those for what they’re meant for… social networking. Throw a party.

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Invite one of your friends to hang out. If they are also juniors they may be feeling the same pinch you are and might appreciate the contact.

Otherwise, go hang out someplace fun and chat with folks. If you find someone who seems to be on your wavelength get their number and call them in a few days to go do something.

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