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Some friends in college are already into personal budgeting and financial planning. I’d like to do it myself. Any help here?

Asked by mwoods (2points) April 2nd, 2009
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Keep track of your spending over a month or two and categorize every dime. Use that information to decide what types of spending you can cut, then prepare a budget.

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If you are in college and not ‘into’ personal budgeting, I see a lot of sleeping on friends’ couches, a lot of ramen meals and a lot of clothes worn just one day too often in your future.

Like augustian said, the only way not to waste money is to know exactly where it’s going.

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Read some books. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is great, and The Four-Hour Workweek is edgy and will encourage you to do something other than get a j-o-b. Actually both of those books will.

Also, start emptying your change into a jar each night, and every few months put the money into a savings account that bears interest, like at

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Read this blog: The Simple Dollar.

The Road to Financial Armageddon

31 Days to Fix Your Finances

Deconstructing Robert Kiyosaki – the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Fifteen Free Things To Do During A Money-Free Weekend

These are just a few examples of the articles on the blog. Take a look!

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