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Is finding out that Dick Cheney allegedly headed an international hit squad sort of like finding out that Liberace was gay?

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LOL, yeah. It kind of is.

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Liberace was gay?!

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Don’t keep up with the news so this is new to me, but it’s no shock. Nothing in politics surprises me anymore.

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@AstroChuck I know! Hard to believe isn’t it? Liberace was so manly and all.

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@AstroChuck I think you mean, “Liberace was gay!!”

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Too bad he couldn’t hook up with Elton John…....

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What’s a little less obvious is that through his gay daughter, Cheney’s hitsquad actually included Liberace (who was assassinated by the N. Koreans) and the rest of the gay mafia

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not surprising at all. it’s called the US government.

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Whenever I think of that guy, the voice in my head is that of Edward G. Robinson in full-on gangsta mode snarling, “Nyeah, Nyeah, I can get anybody I want, see? And I ain’t goin’ quietly, see?”

No disrespect to Mr Robinson, who by all accounts was a soft-spoken, erudite man.

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@aprilsimnel i just think of the voice he had on Lil’ Bush.

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@eponymoushipster – Alas, a show I never saw. I’ll have to YouTube it.

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I am almost as surprised as I was when I learned the Pope is Catholic and the rhythm method doesn’t work. I have two words: Anti Christ.

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@aprilsimnel great stuff. watch the one with putin.

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The pope is catholic?!

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Wow, we are really opening AstroChuck’s eyes this evening. It will be alright AC, Santa is indeed real, and the Tooth Fairy still has all of your baby teeth. All is right with the world.

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@SuperMouse and the puppy is still alive and well at the farm with farmer brown.

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@SuperMouse: And here I thought that fucking dental hygienist stole my wisdom teeth.

I feel better knowing the truth about my toof.

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Yeah. It basically was.

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