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Men: after seeding the garden, how long can you maintain your "attention"?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) April 3rd, 2009

Sometimes the garden requires more furrowing before it becomes fully fecund. However, a lot of guys are too tired to continue furrowing after they have run out of seeds. Others, of course, can continue furrowing as long as the garden requires it.

Men, do you have the stamina to go on as long as is necessary, or do you fall asleep on the job?

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after I get the easy one one out I need like a 5 minute break, then it’s all harvesting from there on out

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I usually just fall asleep, she can finish her self off. Sometimes when I’m high I can go on but I get hungry and distracted after a while

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I use Miracle Grow.

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i have a dirty, dirty mind.

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Depends on the time of the day. Afternoons are best. And vacations are even better. Will increase the attention span. Stress is a killer.

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@Mr_M: I never would have figured you for a MAXIDUS client. ;-)

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First thing in the morning is best for me

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@daloon OMG! If it does what it says it does, EVERY man should get some!!!

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@Mr_M And monkeys???

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It would depend on the size of the banana tree!!!!

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im usually pretty satisfied with his yard labors, of course i do all the dirty work :P

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Oh God, I need a cold shower now!

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It helps to have a good ho.

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@Harp – you keep writing down my thoughts before I get here

Generally, it helps to prepare the field first.
Then the seeds are sown.
Then I like to till the field and make sure the soil is nice and moist.

At least, that’s how I remember it.

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I’m planting tulips

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I like big bulbs.

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Does this have anything to do with the Farmer’s daughter?

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my partner can finish the “seeding” and then some, so i can get mine. lol

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The soil must be moist before sowing the seeds, then you can sow as many, or as little seeds as you like.

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Well, it certainly makes it easier to get the seeds in deep.

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I think it is important to rake before you start to sow. Remember, too, that the proper tools always makes the job easier and more pleasant. When all of the prep work is done properly and seed layed, I would suppose I would enjoy doing it again in about a half hour. At that point though I’d probably start working in the corn hole. You can maintain the front yard for all your worth, but when yo have guests over they usually end up in the back yard. If you haven’t properly serviced your corn hole people will talk.

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how many inuendos?

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Im glad im not the only one who mentioned “the easy one”.

I dont think enough women know about that initial “flowering” is more like a light sprinkle, after that i bring the rain.

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To quote a certain Mr. Ritchie, all night long.

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@Zen That is not the song I want stuck in my head all night!

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@jonsblond Ok then. I’ll meet you at midnight.

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@Zen I’ll be the one dancing on the ceiling.

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@Zen I’m going to sail on now.

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That’s it, I’m Crusin’

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Guys, beware of the boll weevil! If you find weevils in the field, abandon plowing plans. Spray with pesticide! Keep your tractor properly maintained. No one likes a rusty tractor.

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I can go all night. You need to exercise those PC Muscles guys. Girls have them too. But with guys it will help to maintain control. With girls it gives them a little “snap in that trap”. My last girlfriend was really cool in that we were so in sync that we came every time simultaneously. I have never had that with any other woman. But I always make sure that they come at least once before I come. But once I do I need at least 15 minutes to recover.
But it’s never necessary. :)

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I can usually “rinse and repeat”, but only like 3 times. then that shit hurts.

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I can go as long as you like. I have very good stamina.

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