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What are you addicted to?

Asked by JellyB (943points) April 3rd, 2009

Chocolate and lipbalm for me. :)

Does it bother you at all that you are addicted to it?
Is it an addiction you want to quit, or not?

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Cake. Definitely Cake. I always say, “If ever you hear of a serial robber of bakeries (who robs the goods and not the money), it’ll be ME”!

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@Mr_M LOL! :) Yes, cake IS good…..oh yum!

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Video Games.
My Computer.

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This question has been up for 3 hours and no one has said Fluther? I call it!


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For those of us that don’t understand, what did you just do?

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Me? I answered the question. What did you do?

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@Mr_M what are you talking about? :)

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What does it mean to answer “Fluther”?

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@Mr_M LOL! Oh! You’ve never heard of somone being addicted to a website before??? ;P

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OMG! I thought it was some sort of “code”!

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@JellyB thanks for the explanation! :-D

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I am addicted to two senses I got back since I quit smoking:
Slow down..maybe..quit? NEVER!

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good coffee for certain!
I certainly do not plan on quiting the java bean.

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I’m addicted to
1) Stuffed Animals – If I see a stuffed animal that I like, I have to have it. The stuffed animal has to be perfect, the face has to be proportional, the hair/fur has to be cemetrical and fuzzy. Haha. I have so many stuffed animals it’s ridiculous. I even carry a stuffed cat that I call Mr.Pussykins everywhere I go in my purse. Granted I don’t take it in stores or class or anything but it’ll stay in my car. Is this addiction weird ??

2) Cleaning my ears- I hate the feeling of having ear wax in my ears. I clean my ears at least 2 times a day i not more. :) Not too weird, haha. I just have really clean ears.

3)Caffeine- I have to have at least 1 can of pop a day if not more. Usually I drink up to 6 cans a day. I use to drink 12 cans a day when I was 16. But, i’m trying my hardest to stop drinking pop all together. I’m down to 2 cans a day. I started drinking water more and more. This is probably the habit I really need to quit.

4) Fluther- Absolutely love seeing what people post and answering their questions :)

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