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Does Whey Protein powder go bad?

Asked by kritz_the_cat (231points) April 3rd, 2009

I’m just getting back into working out and i have about a quarter can of powder left and its about 2 years old.
Is it still useable?

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There should be an expiration date on the can. Whey is a milk derivative, it can “spoil”

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being a dehydrated powder it should have a long shelf life…just check the expiration date. If there isn’t one mix it up and see how it tastes.

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I dont actually see an expiry date on the can which is the first problem.

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ummm you can get really sick drinking bad protein drinks. Have you been storing the container in a cool, dry place like it says to?

Has the powder caked? If it has, humidity might of gotten to it, which means possible bacterial growth, so I wouldn’t trust it.

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No, it hasnt been stored in a cool place, its been sitting in a drawer at work.
However, it has not caked either.
I’m very torn here!
People at work say it’s fine, and I am also hearing other wise…

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As long as no moisture has gotten into the can it should be fine. Is there a lot number anywhere on the can? you might be able to contact the manufacturer (which should be on the label) to find out the date of production and they should also tell you the use by date.

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Just remembered you said it’s about 2 years old. Pitch it. I have the stuff everyday for breakfast/lunch and the expiration date when I bring it home is a few months, but it might vary from brand-to-brand.

Still, I can’t see any of them being good for a few years.

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yes, and rather quickly. quick tip, it’s better to buy a couple smaller containers rather than one big one. Protein expires much faster after the seal is broken. I can’t remember exactly what the process is, something along the line of the powder becoming oxidized and loses a lot of it’s benefits.

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Ok, so i just fired off a question to the manufacturer.
Hopefully they’ll know!
But thanks for all the help, I just may in fact pitch it quickly!

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if you’re talking about protein degradation (where the amino acids begin to break down), it isn’t really possible since it’s been dehydrated. Dried foods = super long shelf life yay!

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