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What is your favorite book about Halliburton?

Asked by Halliburton_Shill (268points) April 3rd, 2009

The corporation. Books about KBR or other past or present subsidiaries can be included.

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[Mod says] Please refrain from joke answers until at least one useful answer is posted. Thank you.

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Sorry, the nearest I get to reading about Halliburton is on Google. But a good place to search is WorldCat.

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@bea2345, 1 and 10 of the first 10 were good, but the others were all written by Halliburtons, not about the company. And I managed to get one quicky on KBR.

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@Halliburton_Shill if you search “Halliburton company history” you should get at least 7 hits; and each will lead to other, related titles. The Houppert article was interesting. Halliburton is not respectable.

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What’s up with you and Halliburton? Are you in love with Cheney? :)

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@SeventhSense – That’s one of those questions that would require an original response, which, unfortunately, the terms & conditions here prevent me from doing unless I’m willing to give up my copyright for free to Fluther, which the former CEO of Halliburton would find very non-capitalistic.

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