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Could you tell me about some fun and new activities to do with kids indoors?

Asked by laurenigula (171points) April 3rd, 2009
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Do you have a Wii?

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Coloring! Oh whopee!

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i love to color :(

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@Mr_M THhis is at the boys and girls club so they don’t have a lot of video games. I wish though.

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@A_Beaverhausen I love to color too girl! it’s quit alright.

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how old are the children?

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Age 10 and older: Teach them “Settlers of Catan”. Kids over here love it.

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@laurenigula , I’m just giving @A_Beaverhausen a hard time about coloring! I find it lots of fun! Whopee!! Let’s hear it for burnt sienna!

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@casheroo about grade school range, @mattbrowne I wish I don’t know if these kids could sit still though, and at @Mr_M burnt sienna is a great color.

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truth or dare is always fun, spin the bottle anyone?
juss kidding

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@laurenigula , personally, I always liked “flesh”.

I know! Naked Twister!!!

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I recommend games such as Cranium Cadoo™ and Pictionary. They make them get up and move around a little, while still being vaguely educational.

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Board games are always good.

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Divide the kids into groups of two or three. Give each group a bag with 5 random objects, then give the groups 15 minutes to come up with a skit using all 5 objects. Have them perform the skits for each other.

Play freeze dance.

Get a big roll of butcher paper. Have the kids trace each other’s outlines onto the paper. Each kid finishes the portrait of themselves.

Tape a piece of paper to each kid’s back and give each of them a pen. They go around writing something positive about each other on the papers, and then they get to read what everyone wrote.

Bring in a bunch of recyclables, some tape, string, and glue. In small groups, the kids use the recyclables to create sculptures.

Have everyone sit in a circle. One kid starts a story, the next continues, and so on. Maybe have someone else write it down or record it as they go, then later they can illustrate the story and make a copy for each kid.

If all else fails, ask them what games they like to play or have them brainstorm activities.

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Scavenger hunts can go over really well, with that age group. I’ve also been surprised by charades, and how much kids have enjoyed playing charades.

Pictionary – is also good. If you don’t have the game, just write down several ideas (on different slips of paper), put them in a bowl and have them pick and idea from the bowl (Divide them into teams).

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@laurenigula – Well, in my opinion age 10 and older it’s important that kids learn to sit still through playing a board game. One takes about 90 minutes.

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my niece enjoys drawing
my daughter just wants to hang out and talk about all sorts of things. I take the opportunity to teach her stuff through stories. Mythology, geography, even maths (which she’s really bad at).

Or of course DVDs, but that’s lame.

How about board games? (depending on the age, you can simplify them). I also do puppet theatre, or we cook together, or clean up the place. Some of the things you may find boring yourself could actually be fun for children.

And of course you could always just give them an empty cardboard box and let them play for hours.

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