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Would you take a pay cut to save the jobs of others?

Asked by Jude (32198points) April 3rd, 2009

There is a global recession and your employer has said that there will be layoffs. However, the number of layoffs could be minimized if other employees voluntarily took a pay cut.
Would you? Yes? no? Depends (if you picked “depends”, please explain)?

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No. I’m not responsible for other people’s fate.

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Yes, as long as it was reasonable.

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I would be willing to do that, but I’m afraid I’m the only person at my work place that would.

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I would definitely take a pay cut. I work in a profession where I’m going to be poor forever, so a little while longer is not a big deal.

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I work for free so they can afford other doctors in this little patch of dirt (at least i do for now)... so.. yes

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Yes. It’s a matter of a gamble, isn’t it? If you think you’d be likely to survive a layoff, you’ll probably say no (no waste of altruism there). If you don’t, you’ll probably say yes, knowing that a job with less pay is better than no job.

I would honestly say yes if I were sure that the company had only those two alternatives: x dollars to spend for payroll, either to be spread thinner or to be shared among a smaller number. I don’t want to see my colleagues take a hit, and I don’t want to either.

But then I am one who is likely to be cut.

That’s a big ”if,” though. I believe that some companies are using these circumstances as an excuse to take things away—benefits, amenities, and positions—even if they don’t really need to, so that shareholders come out better and it’s only the common folk who suffer.

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I would. I’ve been in this position before, though – so I know exactly what I would do. I worked for a small business (years, ago) and they were struggling. I did take a cut – everyone agreed, but it was all agree plan or someone faced being laid off. It wasn’t a hard decision. Thing is, we were all “key” employees – so it could have been any of us that faced losing our job. Easier to take a pay cut, than to face being the person being cut.

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Of course I would!

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This situation happened to my husband, he was the one on the verge of a lay off. If two other employees would have taken 100/week less (or even 75 less) my husband would not have lost his job. I don’t know if those two employees knew that though, I kept telling my husband to explain it to them, as I would hope they would not have an issue with it. My husband was unfortunately laid off :(

So, yes, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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@casheroo – oh, I’m so sorry to hear that!

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Definitely I would.

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It would depend on the money I make and the actions of the executive management. What I mean is, if the CEO openly cuts his own pay and so did all other executives then I would be happy to take a cut. If executive level management takes no pay cut and still asks the employees to take the hit, then I would say “f*ck it” and quit. Also if I was making anything less than $45 per year then I would have to say “no” because there just wouldn’t be anyway to keep my family afloat for anything less.

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Yes I would – I believe that is the farier way.

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Its funny that on Headline News i saw that Alonzo Morning was asking NBA players to take pay cuts yet hes the first player to sign like a million dollar contract.

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I would, so long as we had access to the books to make sure the boss wasn’t just jerking us around.

I would want to cooperate with others, and assume they would protect me when it was their turn to do so.

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It can be a great idea, as long as it is across the board, and includes all levels. However, remember, some companies have been used to letting unproductive employees slide, and there is a lot to be said for cutting the deadwood out first.

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I would if I could have a say in who stays or goes and of course, if I could afford the cut in the first place.

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I’d rather see a pay cut of 8–10% across the board than a layoff of 8–10% of people. But it would have to be 8–10% across the board, which includes executives.

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I like the nice energy and genuine sense of self sacrifice I see in this thread. It makes me feel good that people are thinking about society. As for me, I work for myself so I’m not subject to another company’s mission or agenda.

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I would, because it would protect my job. If the pay cut were too much, at least it would probably be more than unemployment, so I would keep it while I looked. In this economy, you have to consider yourself blessed to have any job.

Some employers are offering people to buy an extra weeks vacation. It costs you a weeks pay, and you get a week off. While it will somewhat lower productivity, it provides a huge cost savings if enough people take it.

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Yes I will.

Money is not enjoyable for me, if for granting that I know some person has lost his/her job.

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