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What amp/speakers should I get for my record player?

Asked by harrissphotog (1points) April 3rd, 2009

I’m new to turntables/vinyl and recently acquired an audio technica at-pl120. it has a built-in pre-amp, so i was wondering if anybody could recommend a decent amp/speakers. Thanks!

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depends on our budget, really. Care to enlighten?

McIntosh for sure if the budget allows for it.

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Pretty much anything will work. You don’t need a preamp or receiver with a phono input, so it all comes down to money. I would go with a dedicated stereo amplifier rather than one designed for home theater. Buy the best speakers you can afford. You’re not going to need a lot of amplifier power to play vinyl records, with their limited dynamic range. I would just go to a hi-fi shop (not Best Buy or another chain) and audition some speakers. Not sure what your musical tastes are, but I always take some classical titles with me when I want to listen to new equipment. Violins and pianos bring out the best – and worst – in a speaker.

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and always go with the best quality you can afford. i have found that when it comes to technology, being cheap is never good, because the cheaper it is (generally speaking for new equipment), the less it will last, and you will end up spending more money, time, and making more trash.

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looking to spend anywhere up to 400, any specific brands/models you guys prefer?

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@harrissphotog , I’d check eBay for a used rig. If you are on a budget, you want the best speakers you can afford, and those you absolutely must try before you buy. However, just about anything with at least 50W/ch RMS is good enough for an amp. Lots of people have used rigs for sale, either because they are trading up, or because they are going to 5.1 home theater and don’t want stereo rigs any more.

I kind of like PSB speakers. Their small speakers are very nice, and the big tower models are phenomenal. Price/performance is about as good as it gets.

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