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If a person is knocked unconscious, can they be revived by sound?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) April 3rd, 2009

For example, let’s say someone just got clubbed or something and as a result, was “knocked out”. Could a sudden, loud sound be enough to jar someone out of it? What actually revives a person in that state?

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I’ve never heard of sound rousing a person that is knocked unconscious.
rachel ray??

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Medline (and many other sources) says: “A sleeping person will respond to loud noises or gentle shaking—an unconscious person will not.”

and further along: “Rachel Ray fetishism is widely considered to be a form of ‘partial unconsciousness’ ”

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I’ve been knocked unconscious before – I can say that I woke up in the hospital with no idea what had happened – later I started to remember the accident, but I was not helped by shaking or a loud noise.

Evidently, my non-medical licensed husband, pretending to have some medical knowledge tried to speak loudly to me to wake me up. He still swears I was just ignoring him. maybe I was! :)

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No because as @Harp mentions it’s not a sleep condition. It has to do with a lack of oxygen to the brain.

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I’ve just been doing research on this very question and came across this thread. I haven’t been getting many answers, since medical sites only tell you what to do if the person isn’t breathing; after that I think you’re supposed to leave it up to the emergency services. But it seems that the old-fashioned technique of ‘smelling salts’ (a substance containing ammonia with a sharp stinging smell) can revive an unconscious person. Though, I don’t know if that works on someone who has been knocked unconscious as opposed to just having fainted. Also, inhaling too much ammonia can be bad for you, even poison you, so… don’t try this at home. x3

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