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Why can Angelina Jolie adopt a kid so easily, while Madonna cannot?

Asked by tinyfaery (42841points) April 3rd, 2009

Why does Madonna get such ridicule, while Angelina Jolie is practically viewed as a saint?

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Her shit smells of roses? I don’t know. I do not get the fascination with her.

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I dunno. Angelina’s adoptions seem to have been revealed incidentally over time….. I didn’t know she had adopted kids until long after she had done so….additionally she is a good will ambassador for UNHCR. She puts her money and time where her mouth is….Contrast this to Madonna. It is public knowledge that she is attempting to adopt a second child from Malawi (now, apparently declined by the courts).

Madonna didn’t adopt her first child until some time much after AJ had adopted, so the perception was there that she did it for PR status. Additionally her first adoption was somewhat controversial. The boy still has a father, where he had originally been portrayed as orphaned.

Or maybe Angelina Jolie simply has a better PR firm.

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I’m not up on the ridicule Madonna faces on this subject – do you have any links to something you read?

Frankly, I have a problem with both of them, but it’s an opinion I’ve formed on my own. It floors me that they do not try to adopt from America. I suspect it’s because of the American adoption process, which has you jumping through major hoops and they can (and will) rescind an approval, at any point of the process. However, it can be done. there are so many children – all different age ranges and need levels, that need to be adopted. It sure would be nice to see them help someone from the own country.

While I think it’s great that they are both providing opportunities to child is very bad situations, I still think they are denying children in their own backyards.

Maybe Madonna faces more ridicule because she didn’t start the trend. I don’t know. Maybe it’s her age or maybe it’s because of a general opinion that hangs out there about Madonna. Even though she still has her celebrity status, she has also rubbed people the wrong way. fake British accent, anyone? She seems to have an above it all, attitude, at times.

Again, just a guess, based on my general opinion – nothing to back it up – just an opinion.

Oh, I’m really not a fan of either. I get this feeling that Angelina Jolie really did adopt because she truly loved these children. I’m not saying Madonna doesn’t love her children, but it almost seemed like a publicity stunt, when she adopted her son.

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who cares what either of them do…..

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@cak The problem w/ adoption in the USA comes down to this cold, hard, fact.

Sadly, white, healthy, babies are the only types of children many people want to adopt. While there are plenty of kids available for adoption, only a small percentage of kids meet all three of these criteria.

What is up w/ that accent, anyway?! She is from MI. Good grief!

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@Snoopy – The adoption process stinks – unfortunately, I have first hand experience dealing with the system. we were approved and then it was rescinded, because I have cancer. And yes, white, healthy babies are the prime choice. The person we were working with seemed shocked that we didn’t want a newborn and were fine with a child that had special needs. it almost seemed like we were met with more resistance, but in the end I guess it didn’t matter, anyway.

Foreign adoption, for single women (even though Madonna was married when she adopted her son) is easier – in some countries. Some countries are tightening the rules, but still, it is easier to adopt outside of America.

I don’t know (accent), but it’s pretty ridiculous!

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Maybe it’s because Madonna has a reputation for being a bit of a slut. I dunno, just a guess.

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Does no one remember how slutty and crazy AJ was? Remember when she kissed her brother? Yuck!

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I don’t know about them personally, but from what I can tell it’s not that it’s Madonna that wants it a kid it’s WHERE she wants the kid from. Apparently an organization says that they want the children from that particular village to stay with the village, not be moved overseas?

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@adreamofautumn – There was some major issues with the son’s adoption.

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@cak – I am sorry to hear that your approval was rescinded. However, taking up the needs of the child as the agency needs to do would mean that they would want to try to give a child a set of parents that will most likely be around for a few decades. You must admit that even some of your doctors gave up for a while (they didn’t realize how determined you are to live). Perhaps once you hit the five-year clear target they would reconsider.

We adopted here in the US and discovered that if you want children that look like AJ’s or M’s it is very, very easy. They asked us “What race?” and we said “Human.” They asked us “What sex?” and we said “Not until they are 18 and then it better be safe!” They asked us if we were joking, and we insisted we were not.

They also said because of my husband’s age we could only adopt special needs children. We said fine, as long as they have the potential to grow up to be self-supporting. The agency believed us so we have two beautiful children, neither one of which looks like me, my husband, or each other. But then my husband and I don’t look alike, either.

Most of our family is fine with everything, but there are a few folks who aren’t quite on the same page. However, I do know other families where it is vital to them that a child they raise look like one they could have made. Hence, they are waiting for the “white newborn.” OTOH, non-Caucasian friends seem to have a deeply ingrained belief that there must be something wrong with a child whose kin don’t step in to raise it and so don’t really believe in adoption per se. However, many of them practice an informal adoption, where everyone knows that little boy is so-and-so’s child but Auntie is raising him.

In terms of Madonna’s current difficulties there seem to be a number of different stories circulating. Apparently the little girl’s mother is dead, but her father is alive (but not raising her). Her uncle is in favor of the adoption but her grandmother says it would be stealing her grandbaby. The charity mentioned is Save the Children UK, which isn’t concerned with that particular child or village but in general feels that many international adoptions are unnecessary, some are flawed, that, barring exceptional circumstances, children should be kept in the care of their extended families or within their communities, and that Madonna’s high profile adoptions send the wrong message.

The problems with her son’s adoption seemed to have been two-fold: no one checked to be absolutely certain that the child was truly an orphan and then when he turned out not to be that the child’s father understood what she meant to do (he didn’t), and she got the residency requirement waived for whatever reason – the assumption is she used her money and fame to do it.

Madonna apparently does support several orphanages in Malawi so she is already helping the children of that country stay in that country. It is her very public adoption of individual children that is in question – many stars of similar magnitude never or very rarely parade their children in front of the cameras in hopes of giving them a normal childhood (as normal as it can be when your parents have millions of dollars and one or both is always running off somewhere to make a film or tour). If Madonna were to keep it all as quiet as her support for the orphanages I suspect it might run smoother.

But then there was that coffee table book, wasn’t there?

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@Darwin – we are holding out hope that we can be reconsidered, but the fact that my leukemia is a chronic form of leukemia is posing a bit of a problem. I’m not giving up…neither is my husband. —I’ll remind him that instead of saying that we are open to either gender, that we need to say, “not until they’re 10.” :)

I do wonder if the fact that it was blasted all over the place was a big part of the reason. It seems more like a PR move, when it’s handled that way. I don’t know though, I’m not rich. I’m not famous. I am just an ordinary, average person.

Whatever happens, I just hope the child(ren) are cared for, loved and have a good life.

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@cak when I was rejected for adoption, I joined the Foster Family program. It’s hard when you can’t keep them, but still very rewarding to be a bright light in their life. I only left the program when I lost my husband.

if you still are interested, have you tried private adoption agencies?

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Maybe the process of adoption is very difficult in that country? Maybe the coutries Angelina Jolie goes to have easier adoption processes. Who knows.
Also, I don’t see why people get worked up over non-american adoptions…children all over need to be adopted. I don’t care where it happens. And I have heard the american adoption process is difficult, I’m sure I’d never qualify because of my medical history…I’d probably go with China because of their placements.

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@Yarnlady – We are considered the foster program, but still will pursue forms of adoption. We have decided to wait until I’m completely finished with treatments – I still have radiation to go through and all the follow-up testing. I also need to gain some strength back.

Private adoption is an option, but we feel guilty about not trying the public route, first.

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@cak It’s so sad when there are so many waiting for a real family, and you have such a problem. May I suggest you go beyond the normal application process and really get to know the placement worker on a personal basis? My best wishes are with you.

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@Yarnlady – we accept all advice! Thank you- we will!

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She’s got that magical way about her regarding kids.

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