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What are some good websites to download free 1280 x 800 desktop wallpapers?

Asked by essieness (7698points) April 3rd, 2009

Yeah, I think that explains it well enough.

Nerds, unite!

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I just found InterfaceLIFT the other day.

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Heres one I made

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@uberbatman, yikes! how’d you make it so the eye follows me wherever I go?!?

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I’d say about 99% of the websites that actually offer wallpaper downloads are full of spam, spyware, popups and any variety of malicious content. It’s better to use good ol’ google.

Just type the kind of stuff you’re looking for in the search bar, click “Images” and check out the pics you like. Then just right-click, ‘Set as Background’ on the image.

if you’re not sure what to search for, just type generic stuff like ‘cool wallpaper’ until you get some idea of what you want.

The best background i made was pretty simple, unique, and it could fit my own style. You need a digi-camera though. What you do is put a cool background on your wallpaper, then take a picture (no flash) of your monitor, maybe the surrounding desk space included. Then upload that pic, and make it your wallpaper. Then take another pic of your monitor, and repeat the process a few times. If you’ve captured items on your desk in the images, it might be funny to switch their positions in each pic. It turns out pretty cool.

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Yah, one day I gotta try the see-through monitor trick.

artificialard's avatar has superb photography specifically composed and cropped for all the native Mac display resolutions. There’s even desktops designed to span multiple screens.

Unfortunately it’s down right now as it got Gizmodo’d but you can subscribe to his RSS feed or check out his flickr feed in the meantime.

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gnome look

digital blasphemy

edit: these don’t look like they have the dimensions you’re looking for.

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@robmandu cool fish huh? I wanted to get him but he was 90 bucks. Too much for me.

NaturalMineralWater's avatar has a bazillion wally-papers.. only problem is you have to translate from french and I think you may have to pay now.. I don’t know.

When I find a new wallpaper.. I just use google image-search.

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