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Could you catch anything if your partner did this to you ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4387points) April 3rd, 2009

If your partner was to deficate on my penis ( and she has no STD’s ) could i catch anything from her excrement . Other than a great sexual experience .

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“great sexual experience”?

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Um. Wow. I have no idea.

I think I’m not in the same camp as you are about a great sexual experience, though. Whatever floats your boat, right?

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” Other than a great sexual experience .” LOL4RL

This is why condoms are usually a good idea with anal :P

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We should make youtube reaction videos of this post.

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But you can only catch something tho if that person has it to catch , Right?

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I have a 2girls1cup shirt

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@Triiiple Hahahahaa honestly ? where did it come from

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You could probably have a chance of getting an infection (UTI or something) if fecal matter made it up your urethra, but I’m not sure of the odds.

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Well, everyone’s got E. Coli (and a TON of other bacteria) in their excrement. So not even talking about STDs, per se, you should avoid getting E. Coli (etc.) in your blood stream. Um, so a condom might be a good idea.

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Fasting/not eating greasy foods before hand is also usually a good idea as well. Avoid mr poo all together :P

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Why assume my partner is defecating on you?
Can’t it be your partner?

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there are a great many parasites that may colonize even an asymptomatic person’s GI tract… there is the risk of many present bacteria causing an infection… not to mention the inherent hygienic issues that arise.

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I think you’d most likely be ok, but poop does not belong in any sexual act in my opinion.

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I don’t know if you could catch something from an act like that. I’m not really into the Dirty Sanchez sex maneuver.

And as far as the question’s details are concerned, my partner will never defecate on your penis because she won’t ever be sleeping with you and she has no STD’s either. A great sexual experience? Feces on the organ? I think not and thanks but no thanks.

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I’m speechless.

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Ok for some reason i worded the question wrongly lack of sleep .

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I think my partner would rather kill himself than defecate on your penis. Or anyone else’s for that matter.

Now I have to go scrub my brain to get rid of the mental image produced by this question.

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Sometimes, honesty is not the best policy… [runs to puke in trash]

But I guess whatever melts your butter. Just be careful please.

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Wow, just wow…

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As long as you have no open sores and the poo doesn’t get into your urinal tract you’ll be fine.

Just remember to close the curtains…

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@Milladyret Close the curtains?

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Yup, in case anyone gets curious :P

I lived in a appartment a few fears back, and the couple I rented from had a little girl aged 4. Her favourite pasttime seemed to be to sneak out of the house and peek into my bedroom, especially when I had company… :-S

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@Milladyret Ohhh, I thought that was some reference… to… nevermind.

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ya know… I thought I’d read it all here on fluther before… ‘til now that is!

and I will be in the majority here, but I have to GQ it because it made me laugh so effin hard

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Who has to clean up after?

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I’m thinking that the one who wanted to try it in the first place has to clean :P

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Hello, moderators? Can we ban this person yet?

Revision: I thought this was the same person who was asking about the salad tossing. But, uh, I think this is a less than serious question, no?

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@ubersiren Shockingly enough, I believe this was a sincere inquiry…

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@ubersiren whats not serious about it?

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i don’t think you’d want my husband pooping on your penis.

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If you honestly think i would have someone do that to me then golly you are strange. I was just testing the waters to see what kind of reaction this would get . ( Its been a rather boring day )

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Do you think this question should really lead to a ban ? I don’t someone had to ask it they were talking about tossing someones salad earlier . Its six of one and half a dozen of the other in comparison to that question .

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@sandystrachan – No, not ban worthy, in my book. My husband and I just discussed it – it was good for a laugh. A disgusted laugh, but a laugh.

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i have no idea if you can catch anything but let her poop away buddy. this is one of the best questions i’ve seen yet hahaha

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I love today.

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I don’t know if you could catch anything, but I think you should.

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you could probably catch a few flies too…

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Not if you lick it off quickly.

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@ratboy Whole new level of gross.

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