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What citrus fruits grow only in the summer?

Asked by lapilofu (4325points) November 23rd, 2007

More detail about other fruits and their seasons is also appreciated.

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As far as I know, all citrus fruits are originally from the tropics, meaning they are from countries that don’t have summer and winter as we know them, so they grow the same all year round. Apparently an orange takes 8 months to form.
If I find any sources for this, or any more information, I’ll add another comment.

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Where’s Gailcalled? I feel like she would know the answer to this for some reason….

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me voici…w. the mother of all colds..At present, I am a giant sack of fluid, dripping from almost every orifice and surrounded by sweaty, pallid skin.

Having lived in the NE or Mid. Atlantic all my life, where fruit comes from the market or Harry & Daves and does not grow on trees, I think that quizm’s answer makes sense.The folks living in LA, AZ, N.Mexico, should know. Can’t they simply walk out into their back yards and pick oranges and lemons (says the bells of St. Clemens.)

Ben’s sister sent me a box of lemons from LA in April once; picked in her backyard, she said.

Head aches too much to do research. Katchoo!

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Tons of info on Google. You need locales w. no frosts – S. Florida, deep in the ♥ of Texas, countries bordering the Med. sea, Central America, etc.

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I live in southern Louisiana and I have an orange, lemon, and kumquat tree which are all full of fruit right now. It makes flowers in the spring and I am harvesting lemons now. The oranges are usually ready for Christmas as are the kumquats. So yes they have fruit in the summer but it can’t be eaten because it is not ripe.

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@gooch; perchance to dream. Lemons ready for picking and oranges almost! That must make up for chiggers, kudzu, snakes, giant spiders, and “gators. Here now it is 22 degrees (F.)

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wich fruits grow faster in the summer?

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