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If when you die, would you like to be frozen to hopefully be revived in the future?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) April 3rd, 2009

I watched Vanilla Sky last night, and I’ve always enjoyed the movie. And I thought it would be a pretty cool idea to possibly freeze yourself after death. Possibly in the future to be revived and reverse the effects of aging.

Do you think you would freeze yourself? I don’t think it would prevent you from having an actual funeral and having a grave, with a tombstone. You could still have a spot for you to be “buried” but just have your body in some sort of cryo tank to kept you frozen.

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I don’t have any interest in being frozen. Yeah it would be cool to have a glimpse at the future, but I would rather just be dead and done with it. What could you possibly do in the future? You won’t be able to get a job, your great great grandkids aren’t going to take you in, you won’t be able to function in society. You will end up in an ex frozen old folks home.

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In a word…no.

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I’d want to be frozen and revived only if I would wake up and have my family and friends with me. If I come back alone in a hundred years knowing my loved ones are gone that would be horrible.

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Yep – Freeze me and wake me up – that would be quite the adventure in traveling.

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First of all they wouldn’t be reviving me. They would be resurrecting me.

Secondly, my resurrection would mean that there is no after-life other than a blank, thoughtless, void. I would have nothing to look forward to, or strive for, were I to “permanently” expire.

Last, but not least, I wouldn’t want to be resurrected without my family. Even if we all could be resurrected, knowledge of the above thoughtless void would suck every drop of hope and joy from the second time around.

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I used to think this would be a good idea, until I learned how quickly the body degrades after death. To have any chance of working, you’d have to be flash frozen while alive. And even if you could be revived, I think you wouldn’t be the same person. I don’t believe death can be cheated.

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I’d want to be revived. I’m sure I could find a job. There is probably a specific job that ex frozen people would be good at depending on the time they were dead.

And as far as people taking me in? I don’t think I’d mind all that much so long as I was a functional person. I’m sure my savings, and IRA’s have had plenty of time to grow and I would have a decent amount to get myself on my feet and find a place to live.

@daloon I suppose it could work if, you were frozen within minutes of death, or you decide to be frozen while alive if you’re dieing of a terminal illness. give yourself the opportunity to say good bye to your loved ones, and take a nice dosage of sedatives and get frozen.

@blondesjon I suppose you could call it resurrecting someone if they actually died. But some people do actually die everyday who are brought back, they are just dead for much less time.

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@RandomMrdan…If you are dead and then brought back to life you have been resurrected. If you are unconscious and brought back to consciousness you have been revived.

you eat ice

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Doesn’t that mean you die TWICE? Once then they freeze you, then at some point after they bring you back to life? NO THANKS.

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I already wish I had been born a couple hundred years earlier. I have a feeling I wouldn’t want to see the future. I don’t think anyone born in the past would be too happy waking up and seeing the world as it is now. Change is alright when it’s gradual and you can witness it, but fast forwarding like that would be too scary.

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@petethepotheadi bet you would find out exactly what culture shock is

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sure, why not? Would be cool ;)

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Nope, sorry. I don’t see a future for me as a Popsicle!

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No. I have no reason to think that anyone in that future time would have any interest in my existence.

If I got a phone call that said my great-great granny who’d died old and decrepit years before I was born had been thawed out and now wanted me to come pick her up at the airport and pay to have her mended so she could come live with me and have me fetch and carry for her, I wonder just how thrilled I would be.

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@Jeruba – Oh, that just reinforced my belief that I will never be a freezer pop.

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Nah, if it’s my time, it’s my time. No need for me to overstay my welcome.

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Hell no,i’m waiting to see whats on the other side.

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The cryogenic/deep freeze/ice capade idea is going to be a ‘no’ for me. It sounds almost interesting, not quite appealing, and tad bit unsettling.

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Um no. I’m dead. I’d much rather be chillin’ with God than back on Earth. Especially possibly hundreds of years later… without my family… totally disoriented to the world around me. No thanks.

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Not if the world keeps going like it is now.

The semi-distant future will SUCK if humanity doesn’t work on changing its bad habits.

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i firmly believe that the world is going to hell in a cute little tisket-a-tasket basket.

i dont want to be woken up for that shit.

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Being a retired Funeral Director, there is no possible way to freeze the body without killing it. Think about it, you get really bad frost bite on your fingers or toes and they have to cut them off. The fingers and toes die. I know someone who had frostbite on his nose and guess what? They had to remove it. So, no freezing me. Thank you very much.


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but what about Benny the Dog?

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