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Do you wonder why anyone listens to anything that an uneducated, ill-informed, pundit like Samuel Wurzelbacher has to say?

Asked by The_unconservative_one (1124points) April 3rd, 2009

I mean, this jackass called Joe the plumber (whose name isn’t Joe and he isn’t a plumber) has no qualifications to speak about anything. This is a furthering of the dumbing down of America

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I believe that there is a large segment of the population who feel that they are under represented, and the media exploits this man for them. Look at the success of “Jackass” “Dumb and Dumber” “Rush Limbaugh” and that ilk. These represent the majority of the people around us, and we are the minority. The Republican party recognized the need for a representative of the common man when they got Bush elected.

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These are the same people that consider Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, and the entire Fox News Channel worth listening to. Yarnlady makes a great point about the many people in this country who don’t feel like they have a voice, but I am incredibly sad that the media has picked this genius to represent those people.

Modified to Add: Calling this guy a pundit seems very gracious of you. “Talking Head Idiot” feels more appropriate.

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Do people listen to him? I’d already completely forgotten him!

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I just need to say how much I lurve @Yarnlady for tossing Rush Limbaugh in with that group. LOL4RL.

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Not that I listen to much of what he says, but I think it is a very good thing that your average person has a chance to speak as a “pundit”, rather than constantly hearing a “professional” pundit who has a personal or corporate agenda.(not that joe the plumber doesnt have one.

I am sick of hearing “well-educated”, “professional” pundits and analysts telling me what is good for me. What does someone who makes a quarter million a year or more, have in common with me? Normally, whats good for them, isnt good for me.

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Has anyone made Palin/ Wurzelbacher 2012 bumper stickers yet?
scary thought hu?

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@chris6137 ;
I just want someone who is smarter than me in charge of the country, and yes, even the media.

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