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Strategies against global warming - How can investors and venture capitalists help save the Earth and solve the climate crisis?

Asked by mattbrowne (31719points) April 4th, 2009

Here’s one example: L. John Doerr is an American venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in Menlo Park, California, in the Silicon Valley. He currently serves on the boards of public companies Google, Amazon, Intuit, Homestore, and Sun. His success in venture capital has garnered national attention; he has been and is currently listed on Forbes Magazine’s exclusive “Midas List” and is widely regarded as one of the top technology venture capitalists in the world. Today, Doerr remains one of Silicon Valley’s most influential figures. Forbes magazine estimates his net worth to be well over $1 billion. Doerr is a high profile supporter of the Democratic Party in Silicon Valley. Through the TechNet (a lobbying organization) he helped found, he has devoted much time and money towards impacting legislation beneficial to the technology and venture capital industries. Doerr has also invested heavily in “carbon trading” and is a big advocate of its use. In a 2007 TED conference he was brought to tears using his daughter’s remarks on “saving the world” urging people to invest in carbon credits as a solution for global warming. (from Wikipedia)

Are there other examples? What else could investors do? Buy only shares of companies seriously committed to sustainable development? What are your thoughts?

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I think the venture capitalist idea is great, but until the governments of the world fully acknowledge the environmental problems, all this money and investment will fail.

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@Tangent_J – Obama appointed John Holdren as his science advisor. A good start!

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i’m shocked you believe in global warming, i assumed you wouldn’t

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The can stop wasting their money on various shills (lobbyists, politicians, PR staff, Rush Limbaugh, FOX, etc.) to deny climate change and use the money they’d waste on them to invest in solar, wind, and alternative fuel vehicles.

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Allow globalists to suck all of the capital out of the markets, crash them, make people beg for their jobs and homes, and then restructure the world’s economy to generate revenues by metering all facets of one’s existence under the guise of carbon taxes. (And hope nobody notes that climate change is affecting other planets in the solar system as well.)

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in protecting the environment, but I think this is a giant shell game to ensure that those at the top of the pyramid consolidate power or at the very least don’t lose any ground.

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@casheroo – Care to elaborate?

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@mattbrowne i was just saying, i assumed you wouldn’t believe in global warming, based on your other posts. nothing specific you said, just the impression i got.

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@casheroo – Global warming isn’t about belief anymore. Just take the measurements of the thousands of thermometers worldwide and compare the data of the, say, last 50 years. Even climate change critics and most of the climate change deniers do not dispute global warming happening at the moment. They reject the human contribution. They say natural processes are the only reason. Some also argue that we will soon enter a period of global cooling.

Climate change is very real and potentially quite dangerous. Most renowned scientists are in agreement about that. The science is not completely settled (as the climate is too complex when it comes to predictions), but it makes sense to apply the precautionary principle. Most people don’t realize that more extreme weather is only one aspect of it. The really frightening part is about the changing ecosystems and reduced biodiversity leading to changes in the food chains.

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