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Sony Trinitron XBR tv problems?

Asked by boettiger (117points) April 4th, 2009 from iPhone

I have a Sony Trinitron XBR 36” tv that is about 9 years old. Recently it has started to act up when we turn it on. For a period of about an hour after initial turn on the screen will go dark every 30 seconds or so. Really annoying. Is this a sign it needs a new tube and if so where can I get one and what might be the ballpark cost for tube replacement versus just buying a new tv?

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Your initial assesent sounds accurate. I don’t know how much a new tube will cost but flat screens are cheaper these days. It might be more cost effective to upgrade than to repair a discontinued model using old technology.

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I usually only budget for a TV to last 10–15 years. Our 27” XBR died a bit ago and the cost of repair (just bench time even) was a fortune. Replacement parts aren’t made and stocked forever, so a period of 10–15 years has done me well.

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