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Because on teh internets, all time is relative anyway.

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Oh, fuck.
This again?

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This has been discussed so many times. They said no.

I personally wish we had timestamps. They don’t want to clutter things up. I think adding it as a tooltip on the permalink is a good solution.

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Did you try searching before posting?

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Do all of you just post to get points? Not a single sibling is about this. Or are you saying teh Siblings is bug-ridden and disfunctional?

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Because Fluther is timeless.

is “teh” similar to “meh”?

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Since time is relative on Fluther, I could see your post saying, “answered 2 min ago” like the question. I would like that personally, because then you could know if you were contributing to a recent conversation or not.

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Maybe something like this.

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If Fluther is timeless, why are the questions date and time stamped?

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@johnpowell – I’d like to see the date. The time is excess. And you don’t see the paragraph mark until you hover over one of the links, which would make it excessive and annoying.

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It is not timeless, it’s relative because of users in so many different time zones.

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@Halliburton_Shill Why does the date matter?

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Well, you are welcome to fire up your text editor of choice and try to come up with a solution.

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JackAdams anyone?

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You’ve got a bit of an attitude most days don’t you?

Search for the right word like a smart monkey and you’ll find information.

Chill, baby.

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@Halliburton_Shill they do this just to piss you off…. not the users in general…

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Haha, win.

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I always thought it’s because the CIA is watching and wants to keep us disoriented…

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@cprevite, I think “teh” is similar to “the” but spelled wrong…

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Did JackAdams put you up to asking this question?

April 4 2009 11:49AM PDT

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[mod says:] Enough people. Let’s try to answer the title question with some respect.

[jelly says:] I like JP’s idea so far.

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I don’t know the answer to that question but I do think it would be a great feature to have. I like to know how recent a discussion is that I am joining.

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You could look on the date on the question.

Besides, does it matter? A good discussion will keep going if new voices are heard. No big.

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@asmonet Even a good discussion tends to have an expiration date, after so much time has gone by people lose interest or have moved on to the new hot topic question.

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I’m sure that’s true for some people. however I for one almost never stop following questions. As long as the new posts are useful, I like to read them.

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Maybe it is purposely left off so that people there is no obvious evidence of when people are posting during work hours. It’s all about keeping the jellies gainfully employed.

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OK. I’ll be the 800 pound gorilla in the room. They have it on Askville so former Askvillians know it’s extremely helpful to know when a post was entered. Some posts are WAY in the past and sometimes it’s good to know just how far. Similarly, if posts were numbered, subsequent posters can make reference to the post by using that number.

One question I saw here recently involved guesses as to who would win this season’s “Dancing with the Stars” and it was important to know WHEN people put the guesses they did. It’s one thing to say “so-and-so” will win after the first week but quite another to say it at the fifth.

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I asked this when I first started too. Le sigh.

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Is this something the owners might possibly consider and if they don’t want to I am just kinda curious why.

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What is with noobs coming in and asking for features that have already been discussed before many many times? Please, do one courtesy search, and you would find many discussions and reasons as to why they have not been implemented. Here’s a summary anyways.

The general thought is that conversations here are not meant to time out, thus there is no real point in having the datetime, because it would take up some space in the really clean cut comment format (and hiding it under something wouldn’t stop questions like this from appearing, not to mention such “mystery meat” web design has many problems). I heartily disagree with your opinion regarding conversation “expiration dates” @Kelly27, I certainly have never seen them on this site nor in real life. Another issue about posting a date/timestamp is making it work correctly with all the timezones, not to mention there may be confusion issues if people choose to quote other using the date/timestamp (I could quote you and the timestamp could be from your future if we were in different timezones). A third consideration is that a timestamp would make this place feel more like a forum instead of a general archive of knowledge and experiences.

That said, they have stated they may look into possible ways of integrating it, but that they hesitate to add elements that would repeat constantly.

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I feel changes SHOULD be requested often if users feel the need is there so that the Fluther “powers-that-be” get an idea of how much something is wanted by the user community. That’s also the time to hear opposing opinions to the change.

What is striking on this site is how defensive some users get (and I’m not talking of anyone specifically) when someone else DARES to propose a change that they think, will make it better for everyone.

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What I find amusing is that the same people who feel there should be an open forum to discuss changes that should be made to the site, are often the same people who get offended when people disagree with their opinion.

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@fireside Who here are you referring to?

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@Mr_M I completely agree, if no one ever speaks up about things they might like to see happen on a site how will the people running it ever know what people want?

@dynamicduo why would a time stamp be that difficult, if it just says comment left 20 minutes ago or one hour, one day what does it matter what time zone someone is in?

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@Kelly27 – nobody in particular.

In regards to timestamps, it’s not the technical issues that Fluther seems to be avoiding it for, it is the design aspect. They had to look at other sites and decide on what they wanted about their site that would differentiate them from the rest.

The point is, you can see by the timestamp on the thread dynamicduo posted that this issue has been raised before, so it’s not like Ben and Andrew don’t know that some people would want them added. As Andrew says in that thread, they “are very hesitant to add new UI on elements that are repeated many times on a page.”

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Ben and Andrew know that some people would want them added. Over time, if more and more people request it, if more people that think there is a need for it express that, Ben and Andrew will know MANY people want it. That might have some impact on their hesitancy.

You don’t request a change only once that you think will improve the site for all. At least I don’t.

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I think johnpowell came up with a great compromise that will not effect the layout of the site, but will also give the people who want timestamps what they have been requesting.

it’s proactive efforts like his that seem more useful to me.

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