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At this point in your life, are you able to say to a love what/who it is you feel you are?

Asked by VzzBzz (2784points) April 4th, 2009

I am
not benevolent
not altruistic
not patient
I’ll want to give you every thing
but I’ll ask or them too
may be things you won’t expect
maybe things you’ll tell me a man can’t do

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Yes, it feels nice to be able to do so. :)

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Maybe not so eloquently as you, but yes, finally.

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@Kelly27: So good :)
I told you I’d sneak some in

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@VzzBzz I had no doubt you could sneak it in there. ;)

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I feel like I am getting there.

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@Facade: honesty in not searching for something to say leaves you open for warmth and growth :)

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@VzzBzz I read that five times and still have no idea what it means lol. My brain’s a bit fuzzy at the moment.

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Wow @VzzBzz, you’re just on tonight (and yes, I did understand it)!

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I’m changing my answer to yes, because I misunderstood the question.

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98% of the the time, no.

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@beckers: Why though? He says he doesn’t love you and that your parents are bounders.

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Yes. I was completely upfront with my second husband, before I even started dating him.

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Nice poetry.

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I am so very very grateful that I am able to do so.

Your poetry is nice :)

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