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Who has answered the most questions? Rated the most? Asked the most?

Asked by gsiener (438points) November 29th, 2006
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Drum role please...
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As of 11/29/06, here are the most active users (not including andrew or me)
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Top Responders:
occ: 67
nomtastic: 55
skfinkel: 49

Top Askers:
skfinkel: 19
peggylou: 18
gsiener: 14
occ: 14

Top Raters:
peggylou: 205
ava: 200
amccabe: 44

Top Observers:
peggylou: 258
skfinkel: 206
maggiesmom1: 194
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Also, expect these statistics to be displayed from the home page pretty soon...
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I am happy to be so honored. I love this site.

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