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Do you dislike the sound of your voice on recordings?

Asked by Kelly27 (1501points) April 4th, 2009

I really hate when I hear myself on a voicemail, answering machine or anything like that. It just doesn’t sound right to me.

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Same thing here. I fear going over to someones house and hearing something I left on the answering machine.

The funny thing is I always get confused for my sisters ex-husband on the phone. And I think his voice sounds normal. But mine drives me insane.

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Ugh I hate my voice. I think I sound like a little kid.

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When I hear a recording of my voice I want to shoot myself. I do not really sound like that. Do I? Ugh.

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Yes, actually. I wish I had a stronger voice.

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I know that my voice sounds very different to me while I’m saying it than when I hear it recorded… I don’t really get it.

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Everyone sounds different when they listen to their own voice on recordings. We are all used to hearing our voices from inside our head. That gives it a richer, deeper sound. I hate the way I sound to other people.

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I’ve gotten kind of used to it, actually so it doesn’t bother me so much anymore.

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You definitely get used to it. I worked in radio years ago, thought I sounded like a whiny geek at first, then realized that I was a whiny geek, so now I’m good with it.

(Actually, people tell me that I have a great voice, but it’s funnier to say that I sound like a whiny geek, because if I say that I have a great voice, you’ll all think I’m an arrogant ass.)

(But really, it is magnificent. You should hear it.)

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Yes, I sound incredibly weird.

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Sometimes, when I think about how I don’t really like my own voice I reflect on an interview Terry Gross of NPR did on her show Fresh Air, with Nicolas Cage.

Personally, I have always loved his voice. During that interview she remarked how lovely and distinct his voice is. Surprisingly, he shared that although it has helped stand him apart, he dislikes his own voice very much!

For me, it was further proof that we are often our own worse critics.

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I also really hate my voice. It’s not a pleasing sound at all. To me, anyway.

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holy crap i have an accent!?

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Depends on what I’m saying and what mood I’m in. I tolerate my voice, normally… I hate it if you can hear how irritated, short-tempered, or tired I’ve become. It is humbling, unpleasant, yet grants a beneficial perspective: hey bitch, lighten up.

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I remember being completely weirded out the first time I heard my recorded voice. I think I was about eleven, and I didn’t even recognize that it was me. Creeped me right out. At least I know it’s me, now… but I still don’t like it.

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Yes, I sound like my mum and that’s scary!

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As a podcast producer and host of shows, I’ve long since gotten over the weird feeling it brings up. After editing my own voice for hours, it becomes natural to hear it.

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I agree. After spending countless hours in a studio, my voice doesn’t bother me anymore. You get used to it, in a way…

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Yes, I hate the way my recorded voice sounds.

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@dynamicduo Which podcasts do you produce/host?

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@petethepothead That is my thought as well…...Do I really sound like that!?!?

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Thanks for all the great answers, I realize I asked the question and disappeared but I got sleepy and fell asleep shortly after asking the question.
I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that dislikes the sound of my voice on recording.
I do find it interesting that most people hate the sound of their voice. It makes no sense to me that it sounds perfectly normal to me when I am speaking but sounds so awful when I hear it played back to me. I wonder why it is that people dislike it so much.

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