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Do you have an opinion on all the shootings going on?

Asked by Wildman (146points) April 5th, 2009

In Pittsburgh 3 officers were shot in the head/In New York 13 people killed.Both had lost their jobs.(besides other issues)

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I feel for people that loose their jobs which compound other issues,but to kill innocent people that have nothing to do with your outcome is beyond my comprehention.

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I think it’s horribly sad that these people take their problems & delusions out on innocent people. They don’t just punish the people they shoot, but moreover, their families & friends.

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Yes thats right,their own families also suffer.

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Well, bad economic times means an upswing in domestic violence and abuse. The worst thing for a police officer to respond to is what the media calls a ‘domestic disturbance’. I’ve known cops that would rather face a drug-crazed bank robber than a DD.

There will always be stupid and violent people, they just seem to come out of the woodwork more when times are hard.

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Yeah I have an opinion. Too many stupid and unstable people have too much access to too many guns and too many innocent people will die.

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Yes,that is what the Pittsburgh police were answering,a domestic violence call

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The man in Pittsburgh I believe was the one that mentioned he thought Pres. Obama was infringing his right to bear arms.Ironic.

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I think it is fear due to the idea that our society is breaking down due to the extreme economic downturn. People are out of work, businesses are closing, people are losing everything they have, & people are giving way to despair. Much too frequently when people reach this level of despair, the despair morphs into extreme anger & violence.

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Despite all of our ‘civilized advantages’ I think when everything goes to hell, i.e. losing your job, your business, you home, etc., we revert to our caveman ways. We become the violent thugs that our civilization supposedly tamed. But this is just my opinion; a simplistic view of a complex problem.

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I’m not sure I understand the logic in losing your job at IBM and going to kill innocent people totally unrelated to your job. Of course there is no logic in it. If I remember correctly (and I didn’t take time to google this) but when we were in the depression in the 20’s, people were more likely to commit suicide over the loss of jobs and homes instead of taking other people’s lives. I wonder why this has changed?

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They should make bullets $1000 a piece. That way you know the guy who got shot probably REALLY deserved it.

Didn’t Chris Rock cover that subject already?

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Yes,I wonder too.I believe you are right about the suicides of the great deppression.

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@chyna Because people didn’t have access to semi-automatic assault rifles.

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I don’t believe the shooting in Binghampton was just because he lost his job. I blame a lot of it on the crazy conservatives, or assholes n tv who judge people in our country for lack of English speak skills, or for just being immigrants in general. The guy was beyond frustrated, and took it out on the place that was supposed to teach him English.
Yes, there’s no excuse, but I do not put all the blame on that one person. I know my view isn’t a favorable one, mainly because it makes people take a look at their own actions.
I heard about the Pittsburgh shooting, but don’t know much details, like why they think he did it.

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I don’t think they know the motive for sure in the NY shooting, but this report seems to indicate the shooter had recently lost his job.

Two shootings isn’t enough to assess a trend, but I will say that the rise in unemployment does concern me for reasons like this. Even if the unemployed person only kills themselves or goes out to rob a convenience store without killing anyone, it is a tragedy.

Sadly, the job market will not get better as quickly as the stock market, which means that there is the potential for desperate people to do unthinkable things.

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@fireside I don’t know what city(maybe here in Dallas)but a man held up a convenience store with his little daughter by his side and from the tape you can hear him say he lost his job.CRAZY.

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I think sleepy communities are panicking over the violence that cities have been dealing with forever has taken up residence there.

13 people shot dead? That’s a peaceful summer weekend tally around here.

We can either get rid of AmeriKKKia’s archaic gun culture, or people adapt to living with atrocious murder rates, and the fact that you are not safe anywhere.

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@HarmonyAlexandria where do you live that no one bats an eye at 13 people being killed every weekend?

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@casheroo Chicago

It makes the papers but it bothers the people who live outside the city more than us as we are so use to it.

It was around this time of year last year when the weather started getting nice last year, 15 high school students got shot, can’t remember how many died, over a three day period..even The Economist magazine was giving advice in the editorial pages.

Last year wasn’t that bad, I’ve seen worse, and I can hardly be considered an old timer.

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I actually posted a question about witnessing a murder, which I did almost two weeks ago. It wasn’t a shooting, but that same night, there was a shooting two blocks away. I think that times are stressful, and it’s probably some kind of immediate or chain reaction to that.

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I am actually very surprised that it has been going on like this… I don’t watch the news often, but it seems that every time I go online to check the recent healines, there is new event just like the other ones. I am not sure if its the economy, or the current human condition accepting such decisions.

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Too much information. With the thousands of activities this month that did not involve anyone dying, it’s a real shame that the news medias concentrate on the very worst ones. In my opinion, it leads to copy cats.

I do wish that the proper screening of gun ownership would mitigate it, but it’s too much to expect a reasonable approach.

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In my news alert when I posted this question they said job loss was a reason,but today (this morning)no mention of job loss.It was an arguement over the dog urinating inside the house.This morning the local news also downplayed the job loss of the Vietnam man and reported more on the fact he was angry about how the people made fun of him for his lack of knowledge of the English language.Maybe they are worried about copy cats.

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There is a lot of stress about, and too many weapons. Perhaps there is something wrong with the way we raise our young, especially the boys.

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@bea2345 What about the mother that shot her son in the head at the shooting range and then shot and killed herself? Not sure murder is gender specific anymore.

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@chyna It has to do with the sad statistic that most gun related crimes are committed by men – in my country, young men. There is definitely something skewed in the way people interact, and young males seem to be most at risk.

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