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Is the iPhone service contract (in the US and Europe) a fair value to you?

Asked by avocade (6points) November 24th, 2007
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i think so..I’m paying about 10$ more than what I was paying on the SKIII with all the same featyures.. Except here I’m getting a few more minutes, rollerover, and I actually get service!... Getting service is something I enjoy, lol

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As long as I can unlock the phone (like you seem to be able to do at lesat in France) so I can travel and exchange the SIM, then I’m ok with paying a high monthly rate. Unlimited data is usually not very cheap.

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I don’t have one yet, but here in the UK I think it’s not a bad price. I already pay my network about £25 for call minutes and 100 sms, plus £7.50 for unlimited-not-really data over 3G (which to be honest, and with a useless browser, doesn’t seem much faster than Edge with Safari), and £10 for unlimited-oh-yes-it-is-oh-no-it-isn’t use of T-Mobile Hotspots on my MacBook and iPod touch. I’d save money on the O2 deal but I’d have to use the crappy Cloud wifi network, on the phone only, and I wouldn’t have the option of using my phone as a bluetooth 3G modem for my MacBook (sometimes handy, though only to ubergeeks like me).

If I could justify keeping the Hotspot account alongside the O2 contract I might jump now. Otherwise I’m really hoping for more network choices. Given voip on an iPod touch and a few other upgrades to come, I might just dump the networks entirely.

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I’m in the US and prior to the iPhones, my family plan was with Verizon and we did not have any data packages on that plan. So while I am paying a little more each month, I am getting a lot more in terms of functions! My only beef is the text-messaging plan is too expensive. SMS really should be included in the data package.

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I think it is fair. Like others, my bill only went up around $10. And it is very much worth that $10 to not be strapped to a laptop all weekend (on call) to get email.

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