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why do hangovers get worse as we get older?

Asked by sfgal (280points) November 25th, 2007

Even a few years ago, when I was right out of college, I could drink like a fish and not feel any consequences. Now, I have just two mixed drinks and the next day I’m hurting. I still follow the same protocol—drink lots of water before going to bed, make sure to eat, etc, but my body can’t process the alcohol as easily. And I“m not even 30 yet! Why?

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My dear girl, remember that our bodies are on the way to death from the moment that we pop out of mom. Aging is inexorable and unavoidable..enjoy this second. Things will never be as good, and the next second will make your systems a little less efficient than they are right NOW.

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The liver does the bulk of the work when it comes to detox – as your body and organs accumulate damage over time (i.e. age), the liver is less efficient.

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Because you’re getting closer to death.

But more directly, you’re prob not in as good of shape.

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I remember well when this began to happen to me—late 20’s. I took it as a major clue to stop drinking, which I eventually did. I found life to be a lot better without the hangovers!

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