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What is it called when you accidentally say a completely different word than the one intended?

Asked by Kingkamandi (149points) April 5th, 2009

For example, if I mean to say “I’d like to buy this book, please.” but instead it comes out “I’d like to buy this orange, please? What is this phenomena called? Aphasia, a Spoonerism, what?

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Are you thinking of a Freudian slip?

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I think that’s aphasia; unconsciously substituting the completely wrong word.

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Brain fart

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A slip of the tongue.

It’s aphasia when you are suffering from a brain condition that causes you to lose your ability to write or speak. A small verbal lapse like this isn’t aphasia.

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thats called “OH SHIT”

and it happens to me on a daily basis

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I’m with Jeruba on this one.

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i do this all the time, with names. i call my cat my sons name, or my husband my brothers name…things like that. i get it from my mother.

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A freudian slip is “when you say one thing but mean your mother!”

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@Kingkamandi I hadn’t heard that one in a penis. Thanks!

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Isn’t there a neurological name for it as well?

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Isn’t it called “lapsus”?

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