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How to ask a complete stranger to have sex? Is it socially appropriate?

Asked by bluedoggiant (648points) April 5th, 2009

Well, I was bored and somehow (yes, somehow) in an unknown [mis]hap i landed on Being the immature perve I am, i searched “sex” hoping an ironic article explaining how to have sex would come up, instead there were other things, like this:

Read the article, its quite short, they explain to you how to do something illegal, but also suggest if you do not have a partner, find someone on the plane, how would YOU ask a COMPLETE stranger to have sex? I’m just guessing the lady would slap you, so I’m just wondering, how would you lay it out…?

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“Would you like to have sex with me?”

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If you’re going to ask a complete stranger for sex.. you have bigger worries than how you’re going to ask.

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Hooker. Be sure to bring some cash.

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Nice shoes, wanna ef?

I have lady parts, you like lady parts, maybe we could work something out.

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@mrswho assuming its the man who is asking

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I would try this

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@DrBill damn that was easy
same site too

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@bluedoggiant well, if I were a man I would say…

Nice shoes wanna ef?

I have man parts, you like man parts, maybe we can work something out.

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“Nice shoes. Wanna f*ck?” would work on me. I’ve always wanted someone to use it. Whenever my best friend fake-flirts with me, she always starts out with “Nice shoes.” It cracks me up.

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This has to be the most ironic wikipedia article ever written:

Though, it is illegal.

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I usually say “How much do you charge?”

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After leaving your seat make your way to the bathroom. Halfway back to your seat, find an attractive person sitting alone and act like you are exhausted and ask if can you please stop and have a seat. Explain that you have cancer and it comes in waves. She will immediately be put at ease and less threatened because you are just resting. Explain that you have literally weeks to live and you are in your way to NY, Chicago, wherever. Strike up a short conversation and be sure to point out something nice about her appearance such as her red dress or beautiful bracelet. This of course will give you an opportunity to lightly touch her arm and start to lower her resistance. If she seems comfortable after some more comfort and joking you might be able to run your hand from the arm towards her earrings to point them out. If you can touch her neck succesfully you’re really close but that’s a tough barrier to cross if there’s any resistance. You just have to be confident and sure and if she moves her hair it can be a segue to a little massage. You can pose the following in a quiet whisper, “I find you very attractive”..“and I have one thing left to do which I’ve never done”...“you would think it’s silly”...“or maybe you’ve thought about it”..“well”...
You might just get a mercy f$&k especially if she thinks you’ll be dead in a few weeks. It will be her secret rendevous plus a kind act to boot.
If you are a woman. Stop at his seat, bend over in the aisle with your ass in his face, look over your shoulder at him, smile, crook your finger and make your way to the bathroom.

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Voulez-vous couchez avec moi?

Back in the old jet-society days, I found that french is sexier.

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Let’s face it, in the real world if you’re a woman you can ask any guy. He’ll think you’re a slut, but you’ll get laid. If you’re a man you’ll probably get slapped (even if the woman wants to have sex with you, which is the irony), and if you’re gay you don’t even dare smile to the person.

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It is such a pity that that’s illegal. I can’t figure out just why, other than jealousy.

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@SeventhSense LOLLLLL…you’re a mess!

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@gashgal; No self-respecting or debauched Frenchman or woman would ever say that. Check out baiser and foutre in a decent dictionary.

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Or you could always try just putting slipping this into their Ipod.:)
One of the greatest songs ever.

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@SeventhSense Uh, suuuuure, haha.

@gailcalled No self respecting woman would ever say that, period!

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@Bjfletcher:In the privacy of the boudoir, they might. We are not the only culture who likes to talk dirty to our partners.

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@gailcalled Oh, sure, in the privacy of the bedroom, anything goes. I agree with that.

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@Mr_M Is this something you normally do?

@SeventhSense NICE lol, but I just mentioned that :P. If the woman asked, then it will happen, if the man asks, an epic slap.
But…a woman would not believe a cheesy story like that…so many wrongos ;)

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Women rarely believe anything a guy says but if he makes her feel something she’ll suspend her disbelief because she likes to have sex too.

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It seems way to crazy :? haha lol

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Hey I tried. I play.
Of course you’d have to have elephant balls to pull this off if you’re not Johnny Depp but mercy might work. Best if you could scope someone out in the waiting room before take off, maybe strike up a conversation and make a connection.



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Why are women so obsessed with nice shoes?

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@DIVIDEandCONQUER : For me personally, shouting is not a seductive technique. But that’s just me.

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Being a writer of kinky sex stories, I occasionally get emails from women asking me to have sex with them. So, yes, it’s appropiate if the circumstances are right.

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It just takes some mad skills. More of a challenge.

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