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Any ideas on what I should name my blog?

Asked by skibum (45points) April 5th, 2009

It’s going to be about politics (more or less from a liberal point of view), movies, TV shows I watch, books I read, School, and life in general.

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Taking inspiration from your user name, how about Blogbum?

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Blogs have names? I didn’t know that. Most of the people on my blogs just put their name in the title space, with maybe a couple of words like “your old friend (name)” or (name)is back.

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Cause everyone knows “Rufus” is badass!

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The Blotter

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Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog.

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How about “Libatious Leanings From A Liberal”?
Or “The Libatious Liberal”?
Or “Politics For/From The Liberals Palate”? or
“Liberal Libations”
(not too shabby coming from a conservative)LOL

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I second @MacBean ‘s :) That’s hilarious

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Well the bum part covers “liberal”... hmm what to use for the rest… j/k

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Left Side of the Couch

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Well, basically you described it to be about, well, everything concerning you (I consider such an unfocused blog bad practise in reaching your target audience, so I’d reconsider putting this all in a single blog), so I’d say use your own name or something.

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Library of Congress?
Bloggy Bottom?

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Not Another Lover

I already chose the best one: Mr Farty Pants

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