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When is it safe to say that you're boyfriend and girlfriend? After the first kiss?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) November 25th, 2007

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After he’s past being “a guy you’ve been dating” and vice versa. Hooking up to whatever degree does not in and of itself constitute bf/gf.

Also, you need a degree of emotional connection that is mutual. Multiple public appearances where you’re doing some light PDA (holding hands, patting butts, arm in arm, etc.) is also a good sign.

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Only after its been verbally discussed. These aren’t the things to be left to interpretation, it’ll only end in tears.

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I’d say talk to him. For different people it means different things, therefore it depends on how you define it.

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Yeah, openness and talking is always the best way to go about such things. Honestly, just talk to him! It works better than trying to guess.

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You have to have a conversation where you “define the relationship” or DTR. Once you’ve DTR’d via verbal communication, you can safely call him your boyfriend. or vice versa.

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Relationships are mutually created, which is why it only makes sense that you’re boyfriend and girlfriend when it’s mutually agreed that you are so. Guessing won’t help, and neither will trying to force his hand… people of both sexes resent being tricked or controlled. Be careful what you wish for. Before you discuss moving forward with your plan for mutual commitment, ask yourself if it’s really what you want. If you have no clue, then your best bet is to wait until a clue develops.

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