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What is on the field at Gillette Stadium?

Asked by funkdaddy (17765points) November 25th, 2007

There’s an image of a symbol or building on the field right around the 50 yard line near each sideline. Kind of looks like a bridge connected to some spotlights or something. At first I thought it could be the stadium itself but it looks nothing like it. It’s been there for a while but a quick image search didn’t turn up anything showing it clearly. Hope the description is enough for someone.

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Well I don’t have a clue what it is, nor what you’re talking about, but I found the website for the Gillette stadium. It appears to be the Gillette stadium logo that you’re referring to:

Notice the logo in the top left.

Googling the Gillette Stadium Logo I found out that it’s the bridge and tower at the entrance of the stadium. (as seen in this picture

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Perchik nailed it. That is the logo for Gillette Stadium. The tower is actually a stylized lighthouse; New England is well-known for its lighthouses.

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The actual turf is actually synthetic, with ground up tires to allow cleats to have something to grab into. you will see a lot of high schools ave adopted this for its low maintence and high durability.

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stadium logo

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