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Can you recommend other sites that function like Amazon?

Asked by giltesque (248points) April 6th, 2009

I love and use daily but have often wondered where thier competition is and if I could do better? I have found nothing even close for variety and browsing products. Oh and lets not forget free and fast shipping.

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MrItty's avatar and both leap to mind, but neither of them is in my opinion as good as Amazon.

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What’s wrong with Amazon???? I love that site. If you want things that Amazon doesn’t sell your going to have to go to individual retailers. Amazon even supports some individual retailers and helps you do all most of your shopping in one place!

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@netspencer Nothing is wrong with Amazon didn’t you read how much I use and love it? I am really curious though if there is another site similar? I always check out retailer sites but Amazon is always cheaper especially when shipping comes into play. In this day in age it seems everyone copycats an idea and Im shocked I have never found any site remotely close to how wonderful Amazon is. I am a prime member too and get the free shipping anytime and cheap expedite. I’d be lost without my shopping from home.

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Yeah, I guess Amazon doesn’t really have any direct competitors in that way. Like @MrItty said, and are the only two things I can think of that come even remotely close, but they still are nothing like good old Amazon.

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