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Can you share a time you lied at work and got caught?

Asked by rowenaz (2436points) April 6th, 2009

What happened? Were you able to fix it? Did it effect your job?

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I declined a promotion and did so on the grounds that I was lacking a certain training element which, in fact, I had. I didn’t want the promotion because I knew the person who would get it in my place and I knew that they could not handle the work and would probably fail. This person had been my nemesis since we began our careers and I wanted to see him squirm and fail. Ok. So I suck. Anyway, things happened just as I suspected. After this guy got terminated they again asked me if I would take the promotion and I said again that I lacked a component required in the job description. M boss said that that component had been waived and that he wanted me to take the job. I accepted. After I accepted, my boss (at this point we were now equal pay grade) told me that he knew I had the training and that he wanted to see the other sunofabitch fail as much as I did. he slapped me on the back and we went and had a drink.

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A co worker asked me out on a date and I said I had a steady bf but then they found out from other co workers I didn’t. They had caught me off guard and I didn’t have interest but didn’t know how nicely to say that at the time.

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I can’t say that I ever did lie at work. I never had anything to lie about. Besides, chances are you’re going to get caught.

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I’m afraid I can’t. I never lie. No incidents, nothing to fix, no effects to my career.

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I called in one morning with the excuse that I had died the night before and would be unavailable until after the funeral.

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@Blondesjon LOLLLLL, and how did that work for you???

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