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Any predictions for the upcoming MLB season?

Asked by PrancingUrchin (1944points) April 6th, 2009 from iPhone

MVP, Cy Young predictions. The season is now underway. What teams are going to be this year’s TB Rays? Are you going to any upcoming games?

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CUBS will play like usual.

C an’t U nderstand B aseball S tratigy
C ompletly U seless B y S eptember

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I’d like to say Giants all the way, but I know better.

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Arod will NOT get out from under with his steroid scandal. His career will never be the same anymore.

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I feel 100% confident in predicting some guys will play baseball.

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Would love to get to some games this season. My dad has season tickets at Fenway, so hopefully I’ll get to some good ones.

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Any game I’ll watch I’ll either turn off out of pure boredom or pass out and have nightmares that I’m watching a clock where the hands don’t move but it’s actually a baseball game?

Seriously, watching baseball is like watching paint dry. :)

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How sad. I feel sorry for you.

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Prediction: Rays over Braves.
Cy: Lincecum and Halladay
MVP: Pujols and Youkilis (ok, that’s way out there)
ROY: Strasburg and Wieters

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I“m liking the Jays right now.
They have great young talent like Lind, Snider, Hill.

The only thing i Don’t like is other than Halladay and Litsch, they don’t really have a bona fide major league starter.

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Dodgers look good for me, im following this professional MLB picks and looks like this guys know the job. And i think L.A.Dodgers have high chance to win, but if they dont then maybe Boston, Yankees?

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