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Is that, like, somebody addicted to Marias? Sorry, never heard of the show

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I’m not exactly sure, but from watching the cartoon, I’d say it’s meant ironically. I’m not sure how anal fluther is about linking to torrents, so let’s just say you can find episodes available on file-sharing sites.

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You mean like this one? I don’t know Japanese, but it sounds kinda familiar…I can’t quite place it…

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This isn’t what you’re thinking, but it reminds me of an old punk rock song called “Red Blue Jeans and a Pony Tail”

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It’s also a little like the opening to Pee Wee Herman’s show, which I think was done by Cyndi Lauper.

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Hm, I can’t think of any other song it reminds me of, it’s pretty unique. But there is a melody that I am familiar with, especially when she’s explaining how she came to the school to find true love.

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I ain’t fer shure.

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I love the theme song for Maria+Holic! I just finished watching the first season recently. It never really reminded me of another song, but I can see how it would. The song has a fairly generic beat for its genre. Well, for its individual genres I should say. It’s kind of rock n’ roll and jazzy.

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